How do I uninstall a software that has been installed to a specific user?


Some application supports installing them either to the current user for all the users of that system. On most cases, this will be an option on the installation wizard, where you can either choose to install only for you or for all the users of that computer. This article will brief you the steps involved in uninstalling a software that has been installed for a specific user profile.

Steps to Uninstall Applications that are Installed for a Single Profile

  1. Create a script that performs the uninstall action. For example, it should invoke the uninstaller program of the software along with its SILENT options (It should not prompt for any user input during the uninstallation process).
  2. Test the script in one of the computers and see whether the uninstallation happens without any pop-up messages. You should have login to the computer as the user to whom the software has been installed prior to executing the script.
  3. Now create a user configuration of Launch Application or Custom Script configuration and input the script created in step 1.
  4. You can add the required users as targets and deploy.