Service Pack 1 & 2 (Enhancements and Bug Fixes between Build # 60000 and #60200)

Software Deployment

  1. Enhancements on Add Software Package User Interface.
  2. In software deployment, environment variable support is added for the network paths, pre, post installation scripts. Eg: %ProgramFiles% --> C:\Program Files
  3. Issue in Scheduled software deployment is fixed.

Remote Control

  1. Remote Desktop Sharing enhanced to support taking control computers running Windows Vista.
  2. Support for establishing remote connection from Mozilla has been added.
  3. Options to send ctrl+alt+del, alt+tab commands to remote computers have been added in Remote Desktop Sharing.
  4. Options to lock/unlock remote computers and to black-out remote monitors have been added in Remote Desktop Sharing.
  5. Quick Links and Computer Name are introduced on remote desktop sharing.

Patch Management

  1. Auto Patch Deployment for Domain environment issues are fixed.
  2. Patch Scanning issues are fixed.
  3. The number of Missing Systems shown in the Patch List view differs from the actual number of systems listed for individual selection issue are fixed.
  4. Scheduled installation is added in Patch deployment configuration.
  5. Issues related to scheduled patch deployment have been fixed.
  6. Issues in sending email notifications of scheduled scan and scheduled patch deployment have been fixed.

Asset Management

  1. Prohibited Software Report is added in Inventory.
  2. New filter for Category is added in Software view.
  3. Export PDF option is included In Computer Details of Inventory Management.
  4. Showing same software in different rows in Manage Software Licenses is fixed.
  5. Storage Error in Inventory is fixed.
  6. Memory issues while running asset scan is fixed.

Windows Tools

  1. Remote Shutdown tool has been added.
  2. Scheduled Remote Shutdown feature is added.

Service Pack Deployment

  1. Service Pack deployment issues are resolved.
  2. Issues in Service Pack installation configuration is fixed.
  3. Windows XP Service Pack 3 scan issues are fixed.

Windows Configurations

  1. Registry Settings to support the Default valueName.
  2. Enable USB drives template is added.
  3. Metadata version is not updated until the scheduled configurations gets applied. This has been fixed.
  4. Local User Management configuration issues are fixed.
  5. Apply always enabled configurations will get applied at every logon, reboot and refresh policy.
    Issue in IP Printer configuration is fixed.
  6. Security Policies modify issues are fixed.
  7. Disconnecting a particular network drive is introduced in the drive mapping configuration.
  8. Provision added to delete an already defined message box through message box configuration.
  9. Option added to apply configurations on every logon/bootup.
  10. User interface of Security Policies Configuration has been revamped.
  11. Issue in "Hide from Explorer" in drive mapping configuration is fixed.


  1. Support for managing computers in WAN included.
  2. Enhancements on View Configurations User Interface.
  3. Issue while adding or editing domain details has been fixed.
  4. Duplication of SoM entries while renaming a computer has been fixed .
  5. Agent version mismatch in SoM and Inventory s/w details has been fixed.
  6. While adding/updating a domain, special characters in user name is handled.
  7. Memory related issues are fixed on agent.
  8. User Logon issues are fixed.
  9. Provision made to delete a domain from SoM page.
  10. Automatic detection of Windows Firewall and adding necessary exceptions (required for Desktop Central server) is handled.
  11. Overall usability has been improved.
  12. Issues in creating custom groups have been fixed.
  13. Log levels for writing system event logs from Desktop Central Agent is made as configurable.
  14. Getting "RPC Server unavailable" error on remote agent installation has been fixed.
  15. Tray icon related issues in Vista systems have been fixed.