How to uninstall updates in Windows XP/2003 and Windows 7 using Software Deployment?

This document provides you with the steps required to uninstall updates that are installed in Windows XP/ 2003/ Windows 7 server using software deployment.

Steps to Deploy

To uninstall the windows updates from the systems using the following Operating Systems, Windows XP/2003/ Windows 7, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Software Deployment tab
  2. Click Add Package
  3. Select the MSIEXEC/EXE/ISS/Command option
  4. Enter Uninstalling Windows updates as the application name
  5. Enter the following command in the Uninstallation Command with Switches/Arguments field:

    For computers Windows XP/ Windows Server 2003 use the command as specified below:
    %windir%\$NtUninstallKB#######$\spuninst\spuninst.exe /quiet /passive /norestart

    For computers Windows XP/ Windows 7 use the command as specified below:
    %windir%\system32\wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:####### /quiet /norestart
    Note: kb##### refers to the kb number.

  6. Click Add Package
  7. Select the package you created
  8. In the Actions column, click the Install/Uninstall Software icon
  9. Enter a name and description for the configuration
  10. Select the following:
    • Installer type: EXE
    • EXE package name
    • Operation type: Uninstall
  11. Make the required deployment settings
  12. Select the required client systems using the Define Target option
  13. Click Deploy

You have succesfully uninstalled Windows updates on the Windows XP / 2003 / Windows 7.