Enhancements and Bugfixes between Desktop Central SP 3 and Desktop Central 7


  1. Distribution Server introduced to reduce the bandwidth consumption in managing computers across WAN
  2. Support to block/unblock specific USB Devices included
  3. Desktop Central internationalized to manage computers running non-English version of operating systems
  4. Support for Windows 2008, Windows Vista, and 64-bit included
  5. Power Management Reports has been introduced.
  6. Ability to create Custom Reports has been included
  7. Automatic Patch Deployment enhanced with the ability to define multiple tasks.
  8. Install / uninstall silent switches of popular software now comes pre-filled
  9. Option to automatically uninstall the prohibited software from the managed computers has been included.
  10. Support for applying user configurations when you switch from one user to another has been included for Windows Vista and Windows 2008.
  11. Custom group creation has been enhanced by listing the computers/users in a tree view with search and filter options.
  12. Option to enable/disable trimming of column values in reports has been included
  13. IP Printer and Shortcut configurations can now be deployed to computers.
  14. A new report  "Software Product Key" has been added under Inventory module.
  15. Support for viewing Remote Desktops from Firefox 3.0 and above has been included.

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop Central Server performance has been optimized.
  2. Desktop Central agent binaries have been digitally signed.
  3. Issue in deploying patches in bulk has been fixed.
  4. Issues in Drive Mapping and Folder Redirection Configurations have been fixed.
  5. Issue in updating the patch database manually has been fixed.
  6. Issue in downloading patches and service packs has been fixed.
  7. Issues with dynamic variables has been fixed.
  8. Issue while deploying configurations with multiple targets has been fixed.
  9. Issues related to child domain networks has been fixed
  10. Issue in showing duplicate listing of computers in the Som page has been fixed.