USB configuration Workflow

This is applicable for build numbers 10.0.468 and above.

USB Configuration workflow in Desktop Central has undergone a major revamp. After updating Desktop central Server to build 10.0.468, the following changes will come into effect:-

  1. USB configurations that have been set up as recurring configurations will not be reapplied.
  2. The "Remove restrictions" option has been eliminated and this will be handled automatically now. Once a USB configuration is suspended/deleted, it will be revoked automatically and similarly, once a suspended configuration is restored, it will be re-applied automatically. 
  3. Previously, the latest restriction applied via USB configuration was given priority. Owing to easier implementation, this has been changed. Once you've upgraded Desktop Central Server to build , the following hierarchy will automatically be applied to the computers across your network:
    1. Unblock
    2. Block
    3. No change

    Which means, if three configurations have been applied to the same target, "Unblock" will be given first preference, "Block" will be given second preference and "No change" will be given least priority. For example, if you've applied three configurations for the same targets as shown below, according to the new hierarchy, the following will be applied to the targets:

    Target Configuration 1 Configuration 2 Configuration 4 Configuration applied to Target
    Target 1 Block Block Unblock Unblock
    Target 2 Block No change No change Block
    Target 3 Unblock No change Block Unblock
    Target 4 No change No change No change No change

  4. When previously saved templates are used to create a configuration, they will not have the "Remove Restrictions" option.