Strengthen your grip on your network's security

USB devices have become essential storage components, and their usage is inevitable for any industry that has an IT set up. With this increasing usage of portable USB devices, enterprises are constantly under the threat of data theft. In addition to the illicit download of confidential data from network endpoints USB devices also bring in the risk from Viruses and other malicious software, posing a serious threat to the company's network. Organizations that target compliance with regulatory standards need to adhere strictly to policies that can limit USB usage for, Compliance Standards like SOX, GLBA, PCI, HIPAA stress primarily upon Data Security aspects.

Besides restricting USB devices, there are several other security verticals that need to be addressed. Take a look at how Desktop Central helps you in holistic endpoint security and management.

Restrict USB Usage with Desktop Central

Desktop Central's Secure USB feature allows network administrators to selectively limit the scope of USB device usage by restricting, blocking or allowing full use, depending on the individual user. The ability to set the restriction either at the computer level or at the user level helps muster security with the flexibility to create and apply policies for USB access based on employee roles and departments. In addition, the specialized and comprehensive reports on the User/Computer policies offer greater transparency on the enterprise's security level and thereby give a clearer compliance picture.

Supported USB Devices

Desktop Central helps restrict the following USB devices for users and computers:

  • Mouse
  • Disk Drive: USB Drives(Pen Drives), External USB Hard Disk
  • CD-ROM
  • Portable Devices: Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Portable Media Players
  • Floppy Disk
  • Bluetooth
  • Image: USB cameras, Scanners
  • Printer
  • Modem

The Desktop Central Advantage

Although restrictions on USB Device Usage can be imposed with the help of GPOs, it many a times needs in-depth technical skills to handle tasks related to the Active Directory. Desktop Central comes in as easy option for the same operation can be achieved with just a few clicks. This makes it possible for even novice users to handle the situation in an efficient way. Also, both Active Directory and Workgroup based networks can benefit from Desktop Central's USB Device Restriction options.

With all this surely gives Desktop Central Users an edge in protecting sensitive corporate data, reducing risk from viruses and spyware, thereby taking enterprises a step closer towards achieving Compliance.