What is Software Deployment?

Software Deployment is the process of remotely installing software on multiple or all the computers within a network, simultaneously, from a central location. The word "Software Deployment" is generally used in the context of a large network (more than 20 computers). Software Deployment comprises but is not limited to the following activities:

  1. Creating and maintaining up-to-date and ready-to-install software packages
  2. Configuring the target computers before the installation of the package
  3. Installing the software on the target computers
  4. Configuring the target computers post-installation
  5. Ensuring that computers have the latest version of software installed on them

Why do you need a Software Deployment Solution?

All the above mentioned activities can be taken care of manually or via an automated solution. Doing it manually might be fine if you have a network of say, twenty computers, but anything beyond that becomes labor intensive and cost ineffective and is prone to redundancy. Even after having multiple technicians working on it manually, one cannot guarantee that all endpoints have the latest versions of software installed and configured. Hence, you need a centralized solution for all your software deployment needs and Desktop Central fits the bill perfectly.

Desktop Central offers a fully automated software deployment solution with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities. You can exercise complete control and gain visibility over software installed on the endpoints across your network. With our software metering and licensing capabilities, you can see detailed reports on software usage and evaluate the license requirements accurately, cutting unnecessary expenses, which would be almost impossible to do manually.

How does Desktop Central make Software Deployment convenient?

Software deployment

Desktop Central has over 4,500 pre-defined software templates across Windows, Mac and Linux which can be converted to software packages in just one click. These software packages can then be stored in a centralized software repository, and deployed to computers across your network.

You can schedule the deployment time and the deployment window within which the software will be installed on the computers, according to your requirements. You also have the option to deploy the software packages right away and initiate the installation with just one click. You can track and monitor the deployment progress closely and make changes to the configuration at any given time.

Software deployment

Desktop Central also offers the option to specify pre and post deployment activities to ensure a smooth installation. For example, while updating a software, you can check for the version currently installed as a pre deployment activity and continue with installation only if the version is outdated. If the user has updated the software already, you can skip the installation for that computer.

All these capabilities coupled with our easy-to-navigate, intuitive UI and competitive pricing make Desktop Central undoubtedly one of the best solutions out there.