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Computer Configurations

Computer configurations, such as services, registry manipulation, common folder redirection, etc., help to provide standardized environment for all the users using the computer. These configurations can either be done to a single computer or to all the systems in a Site, Domain, or an Organizational Unit.

Launch Application Configuration: Launch essential applications at system startup.

Software Installation: Install or uninstall MSI & EXE packages on to the systems in LAN.

Scheduler Configuration: Schedule tasks and applications to run at defined time interval.

User Management: Create/Modify/Delete Local users in the computers in LAN.

Group Management: Create/Modify/Delete Local Groups in the computers in LAN.

Power Management: Create/Modify/Delete power schemes in the computers in LAN.

Windows Services Configuration: Manage essential Windows services in the computers in LAN.

Registry Configuration: Manipulate registry values and keys of the computers in LAN.

Custom Scripts: Execute custom scripts to accomplish organizational specific tasks during system startup or shutdown

Common Folder Redirection Configuration: Redirect common shell folders, such as common start menu, common desktop, common programs group etc., to a centralized location to enable users access these information from anywhere in the network.

Message Box Configuration: Popup important information and warning messages during the system startup.

For more details on every Configuration, refer to the Windows Configurations topic in the online help.