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    Create New Compliance Reports

    EventLog Analyzer offers the flexibility to a create new compliance report or modify an existing compliance report.

    Create a new compliance report using the option

    • Compliance> +Add
    • Settings> Manage Compliance > Add


    Create new compliance report


    1. Enter name for the new compliance report

    2. Write a short description of the compliance act addressed

    3. You can select and unselect all the groups and sub groups using Check All and Clear All links respectively.This makes the selection of all the groups easy

    4. Select the individual groups using the respective check boxes and 'expand icon' to expand the groups to display the sub groups. This makes the selection of group(s), sub group(s) flexible

    5. Save the new compliance report using Save button

    Customize the existing compliance report

    You can modifying the existing compliance report using

    • Settings>Manage Compliance>Edit/Del link
    • Compliance> Edit


    Customize compliance report


    1. Select a single or any number of compliance report(s) that you want to modify to create a new compliance report.
    2. Expand All link helps you to select and display all the groups and subgroups of the Compliance List. You can collapse the sub groups using Collapse All link.
    3. Save the customized compliance report(s) using Save button


    Delete the existing custom compliance report

    You can delete the custom compliance report you have created. Use the X icon besides the respective compliance report in the list of reports. The menu option is:

    • Settings tab > Manage Compliance > Del
    Note: The default compliance reports cannot be deleted, they can only be disabled