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    ISO 27001:2013 Compliance Reports

    ISO 27001:2013 Standard enables organizations to meet their Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirements by protecting their business sensitive data, managing and minimizing the risk exposure to organization's network.


    FISMA Compliance Report


    EventLog Analyzer helps you to comply to ISO 27001:2013 Standard with its out-of-the-box reports and intuitive graphical dashboard. It provides reports control requirements that help organizations to record events and generate evidence. It also meets the control requirements on authorized user access and prevents unauthorized access to systems and services.


    Object Access

    Controls A 12.4.1, 12.4.2

    • Object Accessed
    • Object Created
    • Object Modified
    • Object Deleted
    • Object Handle


    Control 12.4.3

    • Successful User Logons
    • Successful User Logoffs
    • Unsuccessful User Logons
    • Terminal Service Session

    Policy Changes

    Controls A 12.4.1, 12.4.2, 12.4.3, & 9.2.5

    • User Policy Changes
    • Domain Policy Changes
    • Audit Policy Changes

    System Events

    Control A 12.4.2

    • System Logs
    • Audit Logs Cleared

    User Access

    Controls A 12.4.1, 12.4.3, A 9.4.2, 9.2.1

    • Individual User Action

    Account Management

    Controls A 12.4.1, 12.4.3, A 9.4.2, 9.2.1

    • User Account Changes
    • Computer Account Changes
    • User Group Changes