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    The tags created can be managed in this section. You can edit the tag criteria, or delete the tag created. You can also perform log search with the tags from this section.

    This section provides you the list of the tags created, its search criteria, number of notes added to the tags in the form of tag table

    How to edit tag criteria?

    To edit and delete the search criteria associated with a particular tag, click on the Edit icon, corresponding to the tag in the table

    Tag Edit

    In the Edit Criteria Window, allows you to modify or delete any search criteria

    Tag Edit Criteria Window

    How to delete a tag?


    Tag deletion


    Click on the Delete icon, corresponding to the tag name in the table, to delete the tag.

    How to search for logs using tag?

    Click on the Search icon corresponding to the tag name to search for the logs associated with the tag.

    Log Search