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    Reports for Applications

    ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer supports wide range of applications which include Terminal Server, DHCP Windows and Linux Servers, MS IIS W3C FTP Server, MS IIS W3C and Apache Web Servers, MS SQL and Oracle Database Servers and Print Server. It provides the following reports that help you to identify the performance and security status of the above mentioned applications.


    Terminal Server Gateway Logons

    • Successful user disconnections from the resource
    • Successful user disconnections from the resource by administrators
    • Successful user connections to the resource
    • Failed user connections to the resource
    • Successful connection authorizations
    • Failed connection authorizations
    • Successful resource authorizations
    • Failed resource authorizations

    Terminal Server Gateway Communications

    • Top Byte transferred
    • Top Byte received
    • Top Session Duration
    • Top activities based on events

    Terminal Server Gateway Top Reports

    • Top Gateway Users
    • Top Clients
    • Top Resources

    DHCP Windows Based Server Reports

    • Lease renewed by client
    • Lease denied
    • Lease Granted
    • Lease Released
    • Lease Expired
    • Lease Deleted
    • IP Found To Use in Network
    • Pool Exhausted
    • DNS Update Request
    • DNS Update failed
    • DNS update successful
    • Unreachable domain
    • BOOTP Lease Report
    • Authorization succeeded
    • Authorization failed
    • Server found in domain
    • Network failure
    • DHCP Logging started
    • DHCP Logging stopped
    • DHCP logging paused due to low disk
    • Critical Events Report
    • Error Reports
    • Warning Reports
    • Top Clients
    • Top Mac Address
    • DHCP Reports Overview

    DHCP Linux Based Server Reports

    • Discovers
    • Offers
    • Requests
    • Acknowledges
    • Releases
    • Negative Acknowledges
    • Abandoning IP
    • Information Report
    • DHCP Linux Overview
    • Top Operation
    • Top Ip Address
    • Top MAC Address
    • Top Gateway

    IIS FTP Server Reports

    • Logons
    • Failed Logons
    • Login attempts
    • File downloads
    • File uploads
    • Disconnects
    • File Transfer Aborts
    • File Deletions
    • Make Directories
    • Remove Directories
    • Rename Operations
    • List Directory Contents
    • Password Changes
    • Bad Sequence of Commands
    • Successful Commands
    • Command Syntax Errors
    • Transfer Incomplete due to insufficient space
    • Security Data Exchange
    • Top File Types Downloaded
    • Top File Types Uploaded
    • Top Users
    • Top Clients
    • Top Methods
    • Top Status
    • FTP Reports Overview

    IIS WebServer Top Reports

    • Top Users
    • Top Methods
    • Top Pages
    • Top Queries
    • Top Images
    • Top File Types
    • Top Visitors
    • Top Browsers
    • Top OS
    • Top Errors
    • Top Windows Errors
    • Top Hosts
    • IIS Server Trend
    • IIS Server Overview

    IIS WebServer Error Reports

    • HTTP Status Success
    • Failed User Authentication
    • HTTP Bad Request
    • HTTP Payment Required
    • Site Access Denied
    • Password Change
    • HTTP Request URI Too Large
    • HTTP Request Entity Too Large
    • HTTP Expectation Failed
    • HTTP Unsupported Media Type
    • HTTP Locked Error
    • HTTP Bad Gateway
    • IP Address Rejected
    • Read Access_Forbidden
    • Write Access_Forbidden
    • Service Unavailable
    • Gateway Timeout
    • UNC Authorization Failed
    • Denied direct request to Global.asa
    • IO Operation Aborted
    • Web Server Restart
    • Web Server Busy
    • Information Reports
    • Success Reports
    • Redirection Reports
    • Client Error Reports
    • Server Error Reports

    IIS WebServer Attack Reports

    • SQL Injection reports
    • Cross site scripting reports
    • Malicious URL Requests
    • Malicious File Executions
    • cmd.exe and root.exe file executions
    • xp_cmdshell executions
    • Admin Resource Accessess
    • Denied Directory listing
    • DoS Attacks
    • Directory Traversal
    • Spam Mail Header

    Apache WebServer Error Reports

    • HTTP Status Success
    • HTTP Bad Gateway
    • HTTP Internal Server Error
    • HTTP Gateway Timeout
    • HTTP Request URI Too Large
    • HTTP Unsupported Media Type
    • HTTP Request Entity Too Large
    • HTTP Forbidden
    • HTTP Server Not Found
    • HTTP Request Timeout
    • HTTP Bad Request
    • HTTP Unauthorized
    • Information Reports
    • Success Reports
    • Redirection Reports
    • Client Error Reports
    • Server Error Reports

    Apache WebServer Top Reports

    • Top Visitors
    • Top Users
    • Top URL
    • Top Browsers
    • Top Errors
    • Top Referrers
    • Apache Server Trend
    • Apache Reports Overview

    Apache WebServer Attack Reports

    • SQL Injection reports
    • Cross site scripting reports
    • Directory Traversal
    • Malicious URL Request

    SQLServer DDL Auditing Report

    • Created Databases
    • Dropped Databases
    • Altered Databases
    • Created Tables
    • Dropped Tables
    • Altered Tables
    • Created Views
    • Dropped Views
    • Altered Views
    • Created Stored Procedures
    • Dropped Stored Procedures
    • Altered Stored Procedures
    • Created Index
    • Dropped Index
    • Altered Index
    • Created Triggers
    • Dropped Triggers
    • Altered Triggers
    • Created Schemas
    • Altered Schemas
    • Dropped Schemas

    SQLServer DML Auditing Report

    • Selected Tables
    • Inserted Tables
    • Updated Tables
    • Deleted Tables
    • Execute Command
    • Recieve Command
    • Check reference command executed
    • Inserted Schemas
    • Selected Schemas
    • Updated Schemas
    • Deleted Schemas

    SQLServer Auditing Account Management

    • User Created
    • User Dropped
    • User Altered
    • Login Created
    • Login Dropped
    • Login Altered
    • DataBase Role Created
    • DataBase Role Dropped
    • DataBase Role Altered
    • Application Role Created
    • Application Role Dropped
    • Application Role Altered
    • Credential Created
    • Credential Dropped
    • Credential Altered
    • Own Password Changes
    • Failed Own password changes
    • Password changes
    • Password changes Failed
    • Password resets
    • Password resets Failed
    • Own password resets
    • Failed Own password resets
    • Unlocked accounts
    • Enabled users
    • Disabled users

    SQLServer Auditing Server Report

    • Database backup report
    • Database restoration report
    • Transaction log backup report
    • Admin authority changes report
    • Permission changes report
    • Owner Changes report
    • Created server roles
    • Dropped server roles
    • Altered server roles
    • Created Server Audits
    • Dropped Server Audits
    • Altered server audits
    • Created Server Audit Specifications
    • Dropped Server Audit Specifications
    • Altered Server Audit Specifications
    • Created Database Audit Specifications
    • Dropped Database Audit Specifications
    • Altered Database Audit Specifications
    • Changed Audit Sessions
    • Shutdown and Failure Audits
    • Trace Audit C2 On
    • Trace Audit C2 Off
    • Started Trace Audits
    • Stopped Trace Audits
    • Server Startups
    • Server shutdowns
    • Logons
    • Failure logons
    • Logout Accounts
    • Top logons based on user
    • Top logons based on remote hosts
    • Top failure logons based on users
    • Top failure logons based on remote hosts
    • Logons Trend
    • Failed Logons Trend
    • Event Trend report

    SQLServer Security Reports

    • Privilege abuses
    • Unauthorized copies of sensitive data
    • Account Lockouts
    • Storage media exposure
    • SQL Injection
    • Denial of Service

    Oracle Auditing Report

    • Created Databases
    • Dropped Databases
    • Altered Databases
    • Created clusters
    • Dropped clusters
    • Altered Clusters
    • Created Tables
    • Dropped Tables
    • Altered Tables
    • Selected Tables
    • Inserted Tables
    • Updated Tables
    • Deleted Tables
    • Created functions
    • Dropped functions
    • Altered functions
    • Created Schemas
    • Created procedures
    • Dropped procedures
    • Altered procedures
    • Executed procedures
    • Created triggers
    • Dropped triggers
    • Altered Triggers

    Oracle Auditing Account Management

    • Created profiles
    • Dropped profiles
    • Altered profiles
    • Users created
    • Dropped users
    • Altered users
    • Roles created
    • Dropped roles
    • Altered roles
    • Granted roles
    • Revoked roles
    • System Grant
    • System Revoke

    Oracle Auditing Server Report

    • Connect Events
    • Server Startup
    • Server Shutdown
    • Logons
    • Failed Logons
    • Top logons based on users
    • Top logons based on remote hosts
    • Top failed logons based on users
    • Top failed logons based on remote hosts
    • Logon Trend
    • Failed logon trend
    • Oracle Events Trend

    Oracle Security Reports

    • SQL Injection report
    • Account Lockouts
    • Expired Passwords
    • Denial of Service Reports

    Printer Auditing

    • Documents Printed
    • Deleted documents
    • Timed out documents
    • Moved Documents
    • Resumed Documents
    • Paused documents
    • Corrupted documents
    • Documents' priority changes
    • Insufficient Privilege to Print Documents
    • Top printed documents based on users
    • Top printed documents
    • Printer Activity trend
    • Failed Printer Activity Trend
    Customer Speaks
    • Credit Union of Denver has been using EventLog Analyzer for more than four years for our internal user activity monitoring. EventLog Analyzer provides great value as a network forensic tool and for regulatory due diligence. This product can rapidly be scaled to meet our dynamic business needs.
      Benjamin Shumaker
      Vice President of IT / ISO
      Credit Union of Denver
    • The best thing, I like about the application, is the well structured GUI and the automated reports. This is a great help for network engineers to monitor all the devices in a single dashboard. The canned reports are a clever piece of work.
      Joseph Graziano, MCSE CCA VCP
      Senior Network Engineer
    • EventLog Analyzer has been a good event log reporting and alerting solution for our information technology needs. It minimizes the amount of time we spent on filtering through event logs and provides almost near real-time notification of administratively defined alerts.
      Joseph E. Veretto
      Operations Review Specialist
      Office of Information System
      Florida Department of Transportation
    • I love the alerts feature of the product. We are able to send immediate alerts based on pretty much anything we can think of. We send alerts when certain accounts login, or when groups are changed, etc. That has been very helpful. Also the automatic archive of the log files has been very helpful and has taken the worry out of keeping old logs. The “Ask Me” function is very nice as well. It is great to have some natural language queries built in where you can just click a button and get an answer.
      Jim Earnshaw
      Senior Computer Specialist
      Department of Chemistry
      University of Washington
    • Windows Event logs and device Syslogs are a real time synopsis of what is happening on a computer or network. EventLog Analyzer is an economical, functional and easy-to-utilize tool that allows me to know what is going on in the network by pushing alerts and reports, both in real time and scheduled. It is a premium software Intrusion Detection System application.
      Jim Lloyd
      Information Systems Manager
      First Mountain Bank

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