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    How to create IBM iSeries (AS/400) custom reports

    To generate IBM iSeries (AS/400) custom report, create a report profile. Ensure that atleast one IBM iSeries (AS/400) host is added in EventLog Analyzer. Use any one of the following menu options:

    • Reports tab > Reports: + Add
    • Settings tab > Report Profiles > AS/400
    • Tabs: +Add > AS/400 Report

    The report profile creator wizard contains three screens.

    Wizard Screen 1

    In this screen, name the report and host(s), host group(s). In this screen,

    1. Provide an unique name to the report in the 'Report Name' field

    2. Select the required IBM iSeries (AS/400) host(s) or host(s) groups for which report has to be generated.


    Create custom IBM report

    Navigate to the next screen with Next > > button

    Wizard Screen 2

    In this screen,

    Create custom IBM report - screen 2

    1. You can select either 'Basic' or 'Advanced' event options - In the Basic filter option, basic matching is done by the Log Message Contains and Except filter. In the Advanced filter option, 'Match Any' or 'Match All' criteria is applied on the Log Message Contains and Except filter.

    2. Provide the filter parameters ( 'Log Message contains', 'Except', 'Event Source', 'User')

    3. Filter the logs using severity types by selecting the severities from the given list

    4. Provide the required IBM iSeries Message ID
    5. Specify the iSeries Job name
    Note: IBM iSeries Message ID is a mandatory field

    Navigate to the next screen with Next > > button


    Wizard Screen 3

    In this screen, you can schedule the report generation, choose the report format from 'Summary' or 'Summary & details' and configure to send via email.


    Create custom IBM report - screen 3


    1. Schedule the report generation on an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly basis. Choose the 'Only once' option if you want to generate reports once at a specified time. Specify the date and time at which the report is to be generated. You can further specify the time range for which the report has to be generated from, 'Previous Hour/Last 60 Minutes/Previous Day/Last 24 Hours/ Previous Week/Last 7 Days/ Previous Month/Last 30 Days' options. Daily and Weekly reports can be created for working hours and non-working hours (only for weekdays) using the time filter icon. The working hour and week day reports will be useful for getting the trend of network activities

    2. Select the report format, PDF or CSV

    3. Choose either 'Summary & details' report or 'Summary' report that you wish to generate

    4. Configure the email ID to which the generated report should be sent. Add multiple IDs separated by comma. Tip: Configure Mail Server settings if it is not configured

    5. Complete the report profile creation with Finish button