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    Vulnerability Reports

    EventLog Analyzer provides 50+ out-of-the-box reports on vulnerability data assessment. The solution provides top vulnerability reports that help in prioritizing the vulnerabilities in your network.


    Top Vulnerability Reports


       Top Vulnerability Reports
















    EventLog Analyzer provides reports that help to identify the top vulnerable

    • Ports
    • Protocols 
    • Hosts
    • OS
    • Service
    • Groups
    • Severities

    It also has reports for top

    • CVS score by count
    • vulnerabilities in network
    • open ports

    The solution also provides Top overview reports on network vulnerabilities. The reports are intuitive and represented graphically. At any time, you can drill down the graph or the event counts to view the raw logs.


    Reports on Nessus vulnerability data

    EventLog Analyzer supports log data from Nessus vulnerability scanner. It analysis the log data and provide comprehensive reports on

    • Top exploitable vulnerabilities
    • Credential failures
    • Elevated privilege failures
    • Registry access failures


    EventLog Analyzer also provides information on the patch, GHOST in Linux and Shellshock. The overview report provides a comprehensive view of your Nessus vulnerability data.


    Nessus Compliance Reports

    EventLog Analyzer helps in complying to industry standard requirements that are concerned with collecting, analyzing and protecting vulnerability data from scanners. It analyzes Nessus scanner log data and aggregates compliance data into an intuitive graphical report. It provides reports that meet the requirements related to

    • Windows infrastructure
    • Windows file contents Unix compliance check reports
    • Databases 
    • Cisco IOS
    • Huawei
    • Unix file contents
    • IBM iSeries
    • SonicWall, SonicOS
    • Citrix XenServer
    • VMware vCenter and vSphere infrastructure

    EventLog Analyzer helps meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements, that are related to vulnerability log data analysis. It provides reports for events such as

    • Denial of remote access software
    • Denial of insecure communication
    • Handling false positives


    Reports on Qualys vulnerability data

    EventLog Analyzer supports Qualys vulnerability scanner log data and provides the following out-of-the-box reports.


    It provides information on services vulnerabilities, confirmed vulnerabilities, potential vulnerabilities, open TCP and UDP ports, vulnerable OS, and more.

    Reports on NMAP vulnerability data

    EventLog Analyzer supports NMAP vulnerability scanner log data as well and provides predefined reports that give information on

    • Filtered ports
    • Top open ports based on service/protocol/host

    The solution also provides the comprehensive overview report for NMAP vulnerability data.



    Reports on OpenVas vulnerability data

    EventLog Analyzer supports OpenVas vulnerability scanner log data. It provides report on top vulnerability report based on threat criticality level .