Release Notes

ExchangeReporter Plus Release Notes for Build 5020 (June 2015)

New Features:

  • Owner Activity on Mailbox is a new report developed under Mailbox Audit Logging report category that audits detailed activities like movement and creation of mails performed by the mailbox owner.
  • Mailboxes without Retention Policies report is a new addition to Retention Policy reports that is meant to display a list of all mailboxes which are not affiliated to any retention policies.
  • Admin Audit Log Reports now includes three new reports that audit email/mailbox management activities in an Exchange Server.
    • Send and Receive Connector Changes records the modifications in Send/Receive connector attributes.
    • Circular Logging Changes report displays the database name and corresponding caller user name that has undergone a circular logging action (enabling/disabling).
    • Hub Transport Settings Changes report keeps a tab of the attributes modified in the existing hub transport settings and also displays the change in the corresponding values and caller use name.


  • ActiveSync Sync Requests report has a new column that displays the ‘Client IP Address’ which is essentially the IP address of the device that has been synchronised using ActiveSync.
  • Size related components like attachment size, message size, etc in Exchange Mailbox Reports and Email Traffic Reports now provide an option of displaying in kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes.

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ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus 5.1

New Features:

  • Office 365 ActiveSync Reports
    • ActiveSync Device Details lists all the mobile devices synced with the corresponding Office 365 mailboxes.
    • Device Policy Application Status report displays the policies applied on each mobile device and its application status.
    • Mobile Users by clients displays the client type (EAS or MOWA) for each synchronised mobile device.
    • Inactive ActiveSync Devices report returns the list of all mobile devices synchronised with O365 mailboxes that have gone Inactive.
  • ActiveSync General Reports
    • Device Policy Application Status report displays the policies applied on each mobile device and its application status.
    • Mobile Users by agents report sorts the users who are classified as agents and lists them along with the corresponding synchronised mobile device
    • Inactive ActiveSync Devices report returns a list of all synchronised mobile devices that have gone inactive


  • Active Sync Device Details report has included the following new columns:
  • Last Success Sync Time: Shows the last instance of the device’s successful synchronisation with the Exchange Server.
  • Last Attempt Sync Time: Shows the last instance when the device attempted to synchronise with the Exchange Server.
  • Remote Wipe Supported: Displays if remote wipe feature is supported on the mobile device or not.
  • Operator: Displays the network operator that the device uses.
  • Folder Sync Count: Displays the total count folders synchronised in the mobile device.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus 5.0

New Features:

  • Office 365 Reports
    • Mailbox Enabled User Report lists all the mailbox enabled users with details like Mailbox Name, Email, Last Logon User, Last Logon Time and Server information.
    • Mailbox Size Report returns the current list of all Office 365 Mailboxes in an Exchange Organization and their respective sizes and count along with a statistical representation of the Top 10 Mailboxes by size.
    • Inactive Mailboxes Report lists all the Inactive Mailboxes (based on a user’s Last Logon Time) in the Exchange Organization along with the Mailbox names and corresponding email id.
    • Archive Mailboxes Report returns the names of all the Office 365 mailboxes that have been archived and displays meaningful metrics like the archive’s size, quota and consumption warning.

Bug Fixes and Enhancement:

  • This release comes with new enhancements and various bug fixes.

How to Upgrade:

Highlights of Previous Releases (build 4100 to 4902)

  • Mailbox auditing now supports Exchange Server 2013
  • Mailbox Retention Policy Explorer: A bunch of new reports have been added to offer insight into retention policies and associated mailboxes.
    • Retention Policies.
    • No. of Mailboxes with Policies.
    • Mailboxes with Policies.
    • Retention Policy Details.

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