Exchange Mailbox Size Reports

Exchange mailbox databases are important aspects of Exchange Servers and you need to keep track of the dynamics of user mailboxes. Inefficient management of mailboxes can disrupt communication in your organization, and even lead to server malfunction. Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based software that checks and provides detailed reports on the various parameters relevant to Exchange mailbox size for servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Exchange Reporter Plus gives in-depth details about mailbox sizes in Exchange through the following Exchange mailbox size reports.

Mailbox Size report

Exchange Reporter Plus Mailbox Size Growth report

Key Functions:

  • Extracts the current mailbox size of Exchange users.
  • Graphical representation of the top Exchange mailboxes based on size.
  • Lists the mailboxes based on email count as well as size.

The dashboard returns insights on the mailbox size and allows an Exchange administrator to have a quick overview of the top 10 mailbox users and can further analyse their usage patterns and find ways to gain control over the mailbox behaviour.

Mailbox Size Growth report

Exchange Reporter Plus Mailbox Size Growth report

Key functions:

  • Shows how mailbox size has grown from its initial size to its current size over a specified time frame for all mailboxes.
  • The top 5 mailboxes' growth statistics are also presented in graphical format.
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Current Mailbox Size Vs Quota

Exchange Reporter Plus Current Mailbox Size Vs Quota Report

Key Functions:

  • Get a list comparing the current size and the allocated quota of all mailboxes.
  • A graphical representation of the top 10 mailboxes based on quota consumption.
  • Ensures efficient mailbox management and prevents consumption from surpassing specified quota.

Mailbox Size Restrictions report

Exchange Reporter Plus Current Mailbox Size Restrictions report

Imposing mailbox size restrictions is required to make sure that the users do not consume too much of server storage space and degrade its performance.

Key Features:

  • Populates a list of users with the default storage limits.
  • Identifies users with specific mailbox storage limits.
  • The mailbox quota limits set for Issue Warning, Prohibit Send and Prohibit Send and Receive.

Mailbox Size by OU

Exchange Reporter Plus Mailbox Size by OU

Key functions:

  • Lists all the OUs in your Exchange organization and the mailboxes contained in them.
  • Displays the total size of the mailboxes present within the OUs.

Mailbox size report and alerts

Get real-time email alerts whenever:

  • A mailbox’s size reaches a specified percentage of its allotted storage.
  • A mailbox’s size grows to a pre-defined size limit.

With effective mailbox size management, issues such as repetitive email delivery attempts, operational delays and service denials can be eliminated. The mailbox size reports are easy to interpret; so system restoration time becomes quicker. Extracting sizes of Outlook 2010 mailboxes becomes simpler. Mailbox size monitoring helps in efficient capacity planning and supports other administrative decisions thereby ensuring a frustration-free mind-set for the Exchange Administrator. The Mailbox Size reports displays data from the entire Exchange Organization spanning across the Exchange server versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. One can also export the reports to a desired destination folder or even email the same in formats like CSV, PDF (Adobe Acrobat), XLS (Excel) and HTML.

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