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  • How do I find my Build number?
  • Log in to the Exchange Reporter Plus web client, and click the "License" link in the top pane. You'll find the build number in the License Details popup.

  • This is the build number of the currently installed Exchange Reporter Plus.

Exchange Reporter Plus Service Pack Installation

Note: We strongly recommend you to take backups before migrating. This helps you prevent accidental loss of data.
  • Update Path Finder
  • Service Pack path to the latest version
  • How do I find my build number?
  • Note: If you get a pop-up to import a patch integrity verification certificate. Download the file using this link. Browse and choose the files from the local machine and click Import.
If your Build Number is Update to Build Number
5700 through 5702

Download and update to 5703

5601 through 5616

Download and update to 5700

5500 through 5515

Download and update to 5600

5300 through 5423

Download and update to 5500

5215, 5216

Download and update to 5300

5201 through 5214

Follow steps and update to 5215

5160 through 5200

Download and update to 5215

5100 through 5157

Download and update to 5160

4100 through 5030

Download and update to 5100

4000 through 4015

Download and update to 4100


  • If your build number isUpgrade to Build NumberSHA256 Checksum hash value
  • 5700 to 5702Download and upgrade to 5703971ea6355a7184ce3a65ade4fd63c79e0c1d57d66234cf6a8058ef7453a69388
  • 5601 to 5616Download and upgrade to 5700fed6d890e64c8762a5f366f422e55ec9b8494bc7fdc6d19943fec7b299a25f36
  • 5500 to 5515Download and upgrade to 5600a287418066ef5aeb2160c887c6a75afb7f817c99753f3e5bbe409d9c2ee647b5
  • 5300 to 5423Download and upgrade to 5500d47cc0d60354121a6dc6b27bf89d2e0b5c71af06896200defcff1e60a453b209
  • 5215, 5216Download and upgrade to 5300509a06243e801128e75f95efa3ea5d9569f5488126b7a62d321349531976f7f1
  • 5160 to 5200Download and upgrade to 5215468befa855b94af66582e4dc495d7ec932a649e56b6025c019f44e90a70a8e5b
  • 5100 to 5157Download and upgrade to 516032e3aa7c12672c16d03b920a5f2f57038eb22165a83280ef1dfc3d78e1ccdae8
  • 4100 to 5030Download and upgrade to 51007c334219f24aed6a4eb6fe813ecdffa826472f147fa14f83a792e3838913e708
  • 4000 to 4015Download and upgrade to 41004fc1a62f2196062a71b795f07b0ac0ec2ce3177d999cb3a9aced71d58b73819f

Instructions to apply Service Pack

  • 1 Shut down Exchange Reporter Plus
    • If the product runs as an application, click on Start → All Programs → Exchange Reporter Plus → Stop Exchange Reporter Plus.
    • If the product runs as a windows service, click on Start → Run → type "services.msc" → Stop "ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus".
  • 2Execute the stopDB.bat file under <ExchangeReporterPlusHome>\bin directory.
  • 3Back up Exchange Reporter Plus by zipping the contents of <ExchangeReporterPlusHome> directory. In case of MS SQL Database Server, take a backup of the database also.
  • 4Open Command Prompt as an administrator and execute the UpdateManager.bat file under <ExchangeReporterPlusHome>\bin directory.
  • 5Click Browse and select the downloaded PPM file. Now click on "Install".
  • 6Please wait until the upgrade completes. Please do not terminate the Service Pack upgrade process prematurely.
  • 7Click Close and then Exit to quit Update Manager tool.
  • 8Start Exchange Reporter Plus.
  • Note: If you need to apply more than one service pack, follow the same instructions for each installation.

How do I find my current build number?

  1. Log in to the Exchange Reporter Plus web client.
  2. Click the License link at the top right corner.
  3. In the license details windows, you can find the build number mentioned below the product architecture.


Need Help?

You can contact Exchange Reporter Plus Support at any time for assistance in updating Exchange Reporter Plus to the latest version.

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