Distribution List Reports

Get detailed insights into your organization's distribution lists using Exchange Reporter Plus, a granular reporting, change auditing, and monitoring tool. View Exchnage distribution lists' details, monitor their traffic, and identify inactive distribution groups in your organization effortlessly.

Distribution List General Reports

View details about the Exchange distribution lists in your organization, their members, and status using the following reports.

  • Distribution Lists
  • Distribution List Members
  • Inactive Distribution Lists
  • Message Delivery Restrictions

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Distribution Lists:

List complete details about all the distribution lists in Exchange (mailing lists) available in your organization, including the:

  • Distribution group name
  • Group type and scope
  • Total number of members in the group
  • Email address of the group
  • Owner of the distribution list
  • Name of the person by whom the group is managed

Besides mentioning the number of members in a distribution group, this report also reveals the group type and scope. Most importantly, it shows who the owner of a group is and who manages the group (the owner need not necessarily be the manager of a distribution list). Additionally, it provides the distinguished name of the group manager.

Distribution List Members:

View all the distribution lists available in your Exchange organization. Choose a distribution group to see its members, along with details such as:

  • Name of the member.
  • Email address of the member.
  • User type (mail-enabled, mailbox-enabled, or contact).

Inactive Distribution Lists:

Track Microsoft Exchange distribution lists that have been inactive in terms of email transactions over a specified period of time.

Message Delivery Restrictions:

View the message restrictions placed on distribution lists including details such as:

  • Distribution group name, type, and scope.
  • Email address
  • Message restrictions (accept messages from and reject messages from)
  • Creation time

The Distribution List reports display data for Microsoft Exchange server versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Export the reports to a desired destination folder or even email them in various formats, including CSV, PDF (Adobe Acrobat), XLS (Excel) and HTML.

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