Email queue monitoring

How long does it take an email to reach its destination mailbox? For most users, the answer would probably be inconsequential. It’s an email, after all. If not in the next second, delivery should be complete in the next minute. But what if you are planning to run a bulk email campaign?

If you've ever tried to deliver 60,000 emails to different mailboxes around the same time, you understand the concept of an email queue. The most common email queues are:

  • Submission- A submission queue contains messages that are waiting in the pipeline to be processed by transport agents.
  • Unreachable- A message is routed to the unreachable queue only when it could not be delivered to the destination mailbox.
  • Poison- After a message has undergone the maximum number of delivery attempts, it’s deemed to be dangerous for the server and classified as poison.

A typical bulk email scenario involves a significant number of messages in each of these queue categories. Exchange Reporter Plus now monitors email queues and reports information on the number of queued, retrying, unreachable, and poisonous emails.

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This new email queue monitoring feature also offers a summary of email queues in the Overview section. This section also displays alerts that are triggered upon meeting or exceeding preconfigured conditions.

The Email Monitoring Reports section provides a detailed representation of the message count in each queue. The queue status ensures that all queue sizes are within the configured limit. It also includes related information such as delivery type, next stop domain, and time.

Queue monitoring lets you analyze email statistics, particularly when messages are directed into email queues by an SMTP mail server. This provides insight into your mail queue health and makes your life a whole lot easier when it comes to bulk emails. With the addition of this feature, Exchange Reporter Plus has become an Exchange email monitoring tool, as well. Queue monitoring is supported in Exchange 2010 and 2013 environments. The reports can also be exported to a destination folder and even emailed in desired formats such as CSV, PDF, XLS, and HTML.

Record and report on all types of email queues in your Exchange environment.

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