Audit changes to Exchange Mailbox Permissions

Exchange Reporter Plus introduces Mailbox Permission Changes reports to exclusively track, audit and report on all mailbox permissions that have undergone any changes in the Exchange domains. Mailbox Permissions being the gateway to accessing sensitive information, requires routine monitoring to ensure that only selected delegates are trusted with send as and full access permissions on mailboxes. With continuous monitoring and support for alerts, any possible change made to the mailbox permissions cannot escape from the vigilant eyes of the administrator. The reports include:

Mailbox Permission Changes Report

  • Reports on all critical changes made to mailbox permissions like Full Access, Read or Write with details of the user who changed the permission.
  • Lists the current and the previous Access Control Entries to aid complete troubleshooting.

Mailbox Send-As Permission Changes Report

  • Changes made to ′Send-As permission′ is critical and requires immediate notice, for it grants users other than the mailbox owners the right to send messages using their mailbox.
  • This report helps you to check which user has performed changes on what mailbox, at which time and also returns the previous and current access control entries.

Overall Mailbox Permission Changes Report

  • A consolidated report providing a total picture of all mailbox permission changes like Full Access, Send-As, Write or Read.
  • Ensures that all the critical changes are audited and the IT compliance laws are met.

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Report listing all changes to mailbox permissions Report showing Send As permission changes Report with details of complete permission changes


 Keep track of all the critical changes made to mailbox permission and raise instant email alerts.
 Change the alert severity level based on the need and track user activities.
 Archive audit data beyond a certain period for future analysis thereby optimizing the working database performance. The archived data can also be restored if needed.
 Configure the reports to be mailed or export the reports to csv, pdf, html or csv formats.

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