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Microsoft Outlook Web Access Reports

Long gone are the days when Microsoft Outlook was stuck to the desktop, which proved to be a handicap in email communication to users always on the move! With the advent of Outlook Web Access, Exchange server mailboxes became accessible through a web browser via internet.

While the improvement in accessibility is an advantage, on the flipside this also poses new security challenges to the administrators: keeping track of who accessed emails on organization's Exchange servers! This is effectively taken care of by Exchange Reporter Plus' Outlook Web Access reports.

Logon By Users Report

This report provides details on the number of times each user accessed their emails on the Exchange Server using Outlook Web Access. This Outlook Web Access log on report acts as a tool to monitor each user's activity on outlook, and the density of usage per user.
 Outlook Web Access-Logon By Users Reports
 Outlook Web Access-Browser Based Logon Reports

Browser Based Logon Report

This OWA report provides data on the number of times a type of browser was used to access emails hosted on Exchange Server using Outlook Web Access. This browser-based OWA report supports a comprehensive list of browsers used to access OWA. This report will also help track the users using Outlook Web Access on mobiles and smartphones, as a mobile browser is specific to the mobile device.

Client IP Based Report

This report provides precise data on the IP addresses from which users accessed Outlook Web Access, and also the count of login from each IP address. This report comes in useful to isolate and act on any malicious activity that originates from a specific IP address. Ex: If a specific IP address has been logging in to OWA too many times in a short period, it is a sign of a malicious activity, and this Client IP Based OWA Report can precisely trace to such IP addresses which can further be taken up for analysis.
 Outlook Web Access-Client IP Based Reports
 Outlook Web Access-Server Based Logon Reports

Server-Based Logon Report

This report presents data on the number of logons to Exchange servers 2003, 2007 or 2010 using Outlook Web Access. This report is useful to audit the OWA logon traffic on each server. This Outlook Web Access logon report helps optimize the performance of the servers that host Outlook emails, and avoid any cluttering in the traffic for an Exchange Server, so Outlook Web Access can function smooth!

These Outlook Web Access Reports provide an Exchange Administrator with comprehensive and actionable data, and helps keep a constant vigil over the activities revolving around the Exchange Server when accessed using Outlook Web Access!

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