Firewall Analyzer - Change Management - FAQ

1. In 'Change Management' report diff shows lot of data which are not changed by that user. Why?

These changes are dynamically done by firewall. You can add these under Settings > Firewall Server > Exclude Criteria to exclude these changes from this report.

2. What is the meaning of 'Changed by' and 'Changed from'?

  • Changed by - User name (who had made the changes).
  • Changed from - Remote host IP address of user.

Changed by and Changed from values will be taken from Logout syslog when Change Management notification option is selected in Device Rule. This value will be N/A and '-' respectively, if values are not available in syslogs and scheduled report.

3. How to view the commands executed at the time of configuration change?

  1. Go to Reports > Firewall Reports.
  2. Select specific firewall, choose Admin Reports.
  3. You can check the commands in Commands Executed widget.




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