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Historical Trend Analysis

Historical Trend Analysis for Bandwidth Capacity Planning

Forecasting with Firewall Trend Reports

Trend reports in Firewall Analyzer trace patterns in user behavior and network usage over time. Analysis of trend reports gives better insight into the nature of web site traffic or network traffic , and helps IT make informed decisions on capacity planning, business risk assessment, bandwidth management, traffic shaping, and network security posture.

Protocol Trend Report

Protocol trend reports show hourly trends in Web, Mail, FTP, and Telnet traffic. Comparing the current trend with the historical trend, you can determine peak usage times for each protocol group. Working and non-working hour protocol trends help IT identify top protocols used over time.

Traffic Trend Report

Traffic trend reports show trends in traffic across the firewall on an hourly, and weekly basis. Trends in traffic generated during working hours and non-working hours, is also shown. Using these reports, you can identify peak hours, and recurring network bottlenecks quickly.

Event Trend Report

Event trend reports show trends in the number of events triggered by the firewall on a historical and current basis. Event trends are especially useful in troubleshooting links, and identifying security risks.

VPN Trend Report

VPN trend reports show trends in the number of VPN connections accessed through the firewall on a historical and current basis. VPN trends are especially useful in troubleshooting VPN connections, and identifying security risks.

Live VPN Users

Live VPN Users are displayed in the VPN Trend report.

Customer Speaks
"The implementation was so easy and the Firewall Analyzer immediately started showing me how much inbound and outbound traffic was passing through our firewalls.I now use Firewall Analyzer daily !"
-Phil Avella,
Manager,Information Systems,
Thunder Bay District Health Unit
A single platter for comprehensive Network Security Device Management