Importing Firewall, Proxy and other security device log files

Firewall Logs Importing

Firewall Analyzer allows you to import the log files and generate reports on already collected or old Firewall or security device log files. Importing log files is invaluable in forensic analysis.

Import Logs from Local or Remote Hosts

You can import log files to the Firewall Analyzer server from your machine (i.e., local host). HTTP protocol will be used to import log files from the local machine. Also, you can import log files from remote machines (i.e., remote hosts). You can import the log files from remote machines using FTP protocol. You can import a folder containing log files both from local and remote machines. You can schedule the import of log files periodically both from local and remote machines. You can also specify the start time for FTP import schedule.


Customer Speaks

"The implementation was so easy and the Firewall Analyzer immediately started showing me how much inbound and outbound traffic was passing through our firewalls.I now use Firewall Analyzer daily!"

-Phil Avella
Manager,Information Systems
Thunder Bay District Health Unit
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