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ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer - Cloud Control Reports

Cloud Control Reports

The Cloud Control feature presents a consolidated view of all the Firewall device based cloud services usage reports. Firewall Analyzer offers an exhaustive set of Cloud Control reports:

  • Dashboard
  • Cloud Usage Reports
  • Repository

Rule Reorder and Recommendation

The Policy Reorder feature suggests reorder of rules for better firewall performance. Rule hit count (rule usage) and individual rule complexity is used to reorder rules of a firewall device. If the rules are reorder as per Firewall Analyzer's suggestion, it will improve the performance of the firewall device.

User Name - IP Address mapping with AD

In Firewall Analyzer reports, User Name instead of IP address can be displayed with the help of user name - IP address mapping using Active Directory. This mapping is in addition to the already existing mapping of DHCP and Proxy Server.

New Devices

WebMarshal Proxy Server, Juniper SRX - VDOM log support, McAfee Sidewinder firewall


For the complete list of features in Firewall Analyzer 8.5 refer release notes

Customer Speaks
"The implementation was so easy and the Firewall Analyzer immediately started showing me how much inbound and outbound traffic was passing through our firewalls.I now use Firewall Analyzer daily !"
-Phil Avella,
Manager,Information Systems,
Thunder Bay District Health Unit
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