Firewall Logs Monitoring

The Need for Comprehensive Firewall Logs Analyzer Application

Just deploying the necessary security tools (Firewall and other end security devices) in itself will not secure your network, but the security data from the tools need to be analyzed and the extracted security information should be reported or alerted to ensure that the network is secured. Hence, analysis of firewall syslogs and other security device logs is vital to the network security.

Firewall logs analysis reveals a lot of information about the security threat attempts at the periphery of the network and on the nature of traffic coming in and going out of the firewall. The analyzed firewall logs information, provides real-time information to the Administrators on the security threat attempts and so that they can swiftly initiate remediation action. It allows you to plan your bandwidth requirement based on the bandwidth usage across the firewalls. Firewall log monitoring plays an important role in business risk assessment. Analyzing firewall traffic logs is vital to understand network and bandwidth usage. Firewall Analyzer, a  firewall monitoring  tool, offers many features that help in collecting, analyzing and reporting on firewall logs.

Firewall Analyzer acts as a firewall log management software and supports analysis of the following Firewall logs and Security device logs:

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Automatic Firewall Detection

Simply configure your firewall to export logs to Firewall Analyzer. Firewalls are then automatically detected and reports are generated instantly in this smart firewall log analysis tool. For all firewalls that support exporting logs in WELF format, this is the best configuration option.

Firewall Logs Import

In the case of Squid proxy servers, and firewalls that do not export logs in an acceptable format, you can import firewall logs or proxy logs files directly in to Firewall Analyzer (Firewall Log Viewer) and generate reports for the same.

Specific Check Point Settings

Firewall Analyzer lets you add LEA servers to establish connections and retrieve logs from Check Point firewalls. This firewall log analyzer lets you add as many LEA servers as needed, and set up authenticated or unauthenticated connections to retrieve firewall logs.

Embedded Syslog Server

Firewall Analyzer comes pre-bundled with a syslog server that listens for exported firewall log files at the defined listener ports. You can add more listener ports to this syslog server, in order to collect logs from different firewalls. The syslog server is a part of Firewall Analyzer and does not require a separate installation.

Exporting and Importing Report and Alert Profiles

Firewall Analyzer provides an easy way of saving the report and alert profiles. You can export the profiles and save it. You can import the profiles to get the profiles back. This will come handy in case of exigencies like when you are moving the server to a different machine etc. You can also save the exported profiles file.

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