Firewall Log Analysis Software

In the era of globalization, more and more enterprises are making their presence across countries. Obviously, the offices, branches, factories, work places are spread across the globe. In this scenario, IT management related activities get fairly complex. IT/Network security for the distributed environment is not going to be an easy task.

Apart from large enterprises with requirement for scalable, distributed deployment, Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) are also in need of scalable, distributed solution along with secured and exclusive segmented views for their clients and other requirements. MSSPs require a solution which can be deployed to take care of a block of geographical area.

Multi-national enterprises and MSSPs look out for a solution with following features:

  • Centralized monitoring
  • Truly scalable to meet the number of devices required to be monitored
  • Deployed in different geographical locations

Firewall Analyzer appreciates the Network security needs of large enterprises with global presence and MSSPs. It has come up with a distributed solution, which will scale up to monitor hundreds of devices and deployed at locations across the globe. To cater for the MSSPs, it offers customizable dashboards and user specific views.

Firewall Analyzer Distributed Edition is scalable and deployable in distributed model. It offers centralized monitoring of all distributed locations in a single console. It provides exclusive segmented secured for different users.

Firewall Analyzer - Distributed Architecture

Firewall Analyzer Distributed Edition Architecture

A single platter for comprehensive Network Security Device Management