Distributed Monitoring - Overview

NetFlow Analyzer Distributed Edition is a scalable bandwidth monitoring, traffic analysis and network forensic tool for monitoring your network. It relies on flow data(NetFlow,sFlow etc.) received from switches and routers and caters to the needs of large enterprises with distributed networks. It can scale to monitor tens of thousands of interfaces or switch ports. NetFlow Analyzer Distributed Edition enables rapid troubleshooting of network incidents, tracking of worms and security violations more effectively and helps in planning your network upgrades in a more informed manner. It can also serve the purpose of alerting you based on thresholds that you can set for limiting bandwidth usage in the network. Apart from this, you can also monitor QoS, SLAs, information specific to rich media traffic with the help of Cisco Medianet and more. The many users of NetFlow Analyzer are a testament to this! A high level of automation and intuitive reporting ensures easy understanding and insight into your network.

NetFlow Analyzer Distributed Edition Architecture

Enterprice Edition architecture

Enterprise networks are ever-growing in terms of size and complexity. It is becoming increasingly challenging for network administrators to get complete visibility. The parameters that one needsa to monitor is ever on the rise and this leads them to look out for friendlier tools to aid in monitoring the network. Troubleshooting aside, the management also seeks informed decisions from the networkers for taking capacity planning decisions. NetFlow Analyzer seeks to help such networkers with the Distributed Edition. The highlights of this edition include:

Ability to create threshold violation alert profiles and automatic scheduling of reports has saved so much of our time, which we can spend on sorting other issues. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer has indeed become a significant resource for our networking team

Richard Peirce
Manager of Network Services
Boston Properties
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