Wireless Network Bandwidth Control

Extensive wireless network bandwidth controller monitoring

Most organizations are trying their best to ensure reliability and security with wireless networks since it has turned out to be advantageous in addressing many performance challenges. But these days, enterprises have two important challenges in wireless network traffic management to look at: the development of IoT technology and the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. No matter what the bandwidth capacity of a particular enterprise is, it isn't sufficient to reduce downtime in most cases, and investing in more could cause more strain on the budget.

Wireless network controller monitoring eliminates such complications by creating a big picture of the connected users and their bandwidth usage in real time. It also shows how to take capacity planning forward, whether with an upgrade or optimization. Such advantages demand having better visibility and control over wireless LAN controllers (WLCs) and their associated network elements' performance for individual monitoring. Wireless network controller monitoring tools such as NetFlow Analyzer enhance bandwidth management with Wi-Fi traffic monitoring.

NetFlow Analyzer: The unified tool for wireless network monitoring and optimization

NetFlow Analyzer is a wireless network controller monitoring tool that is built to tackle the performance gaps and security vulnerabilities in your enterprise's wired and wireless networks. As a multi-vendor tool, it provides visibility over all your wireless devices, including WLCs and access points, of your scaling network to help resolve issues before they create a dent in the user experience.

Wireless Network Controller Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Here are four simple ways NetFlow Analyzer makes your wireless bandwidth management easier:

1. Monitor bandwidth usage down to endpoints

NetFlow Analyzer continuously monitors the wireless network bandwidth by tracking the traffic of wireless network controllers and their associated access points, SSIDs, and client IP and MAC addresses. You can drill down to each entity and view its traffic by application, conversation, source, and destination. This lets you know what nodes are underutilized or overutilized and the context of the traffic to conclude if the utilization signals any security threats or if it's time to modify your resource allocation strategies.

Additionaly, our wireless network bandwidth controller monitor lets you view the real-time traffic summary of WLCs with configurable dashboards and NOC views that display the top talkers of your network's SSIDs, applications, client IP addresses, conversations, and more so you can pinpoint issues easily.

Wireless Network Controller Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

2. Manage devices under a single entity

The whole idea of using a wireless network bandwidth controller monitor is to improve your visibility across the network and reduce troubleshooting time. In this regard, NetFlow Analyzer lets you skip viewing traffic by every single entity and avoid redundancy with its logical grouping advantage.You can group access points as well as SSIDs that share a common aspect into a unified profile to monitor traffic by branch or site. After grouping these, you can use our wireless network bandwidth control software to assign user roles and reinforce accessibility restrictions.

Wireless Network Controller Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

3. Get alerts about anomalies with advanced alerting

Traffic issues in a network can range from congestion, jitter, and packet delay to even security threats. Admins should follow a systematic troubleshooting process where they detect any instances of baseline behavior deviation before there are any adverse impacts.

NetFlow Analyzer is a comprehensive wireless network traffic monitor that diagnoses the network performance issues of your wireless network's controllers and access points. This helps you ensure their 24/7 availability, uptime, and reliability. NetFlow Analyzer allows you to configure thresholds for traffic types such as the speed, volume, and utilization. It also notifies you via your configured communication channel when an access point or an SSID group deviates from its normal behavior.

Wireless Network Bandwidth Controller - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

4. Resolve reliability issues with reports

Wireless networks may be prone to having many reliability issues because of many devices being connected to a single access point and signal interference due to any physical object. The most common wireless network issues include a slow internet connection and slow transfers, which require admins to identify the performance gaps and fix the issues quickly. While real-time monitoring definitely counts for knowing the present health and availability of your network, to avoid performance constraints and unruly resource utilization, reporting is the best strategy you need to look at.

NetFlow Analyzer's WLAN reporting lets you generate reports for access points as well as SSID groups to view the traffic patterns over a period for every traffic type. Every report, such as the Search Report, Compare Reports, Consolidated Report, and Forensics, shows data-driven insights to help you in determining if your network performance meets expectations and in simplifying your resource allocation strategy. Knowing the top applications and their usage ratios helps you determine if that particular traffic aligns with your business objectives.

Wireless Network Bandwidth Control - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

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Other features

Threshold based alerting

Set pre-defined threshold settings based on utilization, duration and frequency to effectively monitor your network.

Usage based billing

Ensure fair billing from your ISP. You could also use it for chargeback in your different departments

Capacity Planning report

Assess future network requirements based on capacity planning reports.

Faster Network Troubleshooting

Unearth the root cause of your network troubles and troubleshoot issues faster.

Advanced Security Analytics Module

Ensure 100% network security by leveraging the power of our very own Continuous Stream Mining Engine for network behavioral analysis. Keep away scans, probes, DoS attacks and more.

Monitoring and reporting on Cisco CBQoS

Validate the effectiveness of your QoS policies using CBQoS reports from NetFlow Analyzer. Prioritize your network traffic accordingly.