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PDF - NetFlow Analyzer Overview

The following documents contain useful information on working with NetFlow Analyzer, along with step-by-step instructions on generating Flow-based reports, and performing administrative tasks such as mapping applications, setting up IP groups, and more. The user guide also includes detailed instructions on configuring Flow exports.

The NetFlow Analyzer User Guide is available for download in HTML (zipped file) and can also be viewed online. Some of the documents can be downloaded and read offline as well. For any questions or comments on the documentation in the User Guide, please contact NetFlow Analyzer Support.

Overview :  
Essential Edition
Distributed Edition
Gives you an outline of the product and benefits.
User Guide :  
Essential Edition - View Online
Distributed Edition - View Online
Helps you to quickly setup NetFlow Analyzer and to understand the various features of the software.
Essential Edition Allows the you to view the screenshots of user inteface and get the feel of the product even without installing it.
System Requirements :  
Essential Edition
Distributed Edition
Lists the recommended hardware requirements for installing and running NetFlow Analyzer.
FAQ :  
Essential Edition
Distributed Edition
Answers the wide range of frequently asked questions.
White Papers:  

Effective Bandwidth Management
Healthcare IT Risk Mitigation
Monitoring High Speed Networks
Need of App-Centric Network Traffic Analysis

Gives an industry perspective of why a bandwidth monitoring solution is required.
Case Studies:  

Boston Properties
Campus Bandwidth Monitoring
Monitoring Healthcare Networks
Monitoring a Datacenter Network
Monitoring a Telecom Network
Pharmaceutical Case Study
Financial Institution Case Study

Gives specific instances of how customers in various domains have found NetFlow Analyzer useful.
Flyer :  
Flyer Gives information on the product and the key features & benefits.
Additional Resources :  
All about QoS Gives information on Quality of Service.
Product Brief - PDF | View Online Business value of NetFlow Analyzer

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