NetFlow Generator

With NetFlow Analyzer's free tool, capture and convert network packets into NetFlow packets to monitor devices that don't support flow.

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Cloud Services

With the newly added Cloud Services feature, you can define and monitor critical cloud services running in your network.

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LAN-WAN management simplified

Keep track of your entire local network with the LAN-WAN reports we've introduced for interfaces and devices.

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Inventory reports for better insight!

Users can now schedule and monitor in-depth interface details on the go with the new Inventory report! Get deeper visibility into your network interfaces and track down anomalies faster.

Help tips and horizontal view

NetFlow Analyzer UI gets a new look with the horizontal tab view and we've added help tips for every Settings page, making our user-friendly UI even more user-friendly.

Support for user defined data units

NetFlow Analyzer now supports user-defined data units based on industry standards for speed/volume-based graphs.

NetFlow Analyzer integrates with ServiceDesk Plus for alerts

You can now log ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceDesk Plus MSP tickets for alerts which can be auto-assigned to any technician, making troubleshooting easier.

Generate reports for traffic groups

You can now generate criteria-based search reports for interface and IP groups.

Predict your raw data retention period!

You can now calculate the estimated raw data retention period based on your free disk space.

New device templates for easy flow export!

Over 40 new devices have been added to the configuration database, making direct flow export quick and effortless.

Bulk load Application Mapping and IP Groups

Bulk load option to upload multiple unmapped applications and IPs is introduced in Application Mapping and IP groups.

One-click Schedule

Schedule traffic reports on a single-click with the one-click schedule option