Configuring PFsense DHCP

To configure the DHCP server for a PXE boot, follow the steps given below. The following steps will help you configure the file name and the next-server details in your PFsense for IPV4 BOOTP/PXE

  1. From the PFsense DHCP server, navigate to Services -> DHCP Server.
  2. Now scroll down to Network booting -> Display Advanced.
  3. Under TFTP server and the Next server, provide the IP address of the OS Deployers' PXE services.
  4. For the Default BIOS file name field, enter boot/pxeboot.n12
  5. For the UEFI 32 bit file name field, enter EFI/Boot/bootia32.efi
  6. For the UEFI 64 bit file name field, enter EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi

Note : For this to work seamlessly, ensure you configure both the file name and the boot server name.