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User Policy Configuration

Active Directory Group Policy User Configuration

Configuring policies for users is a crucial activity for Active Directory administrators. Not all users in a domain share similar permissions/restrictions. It often becomes essential to define policies for users in smaller containers of the Active Directory. Using the Policy Configuration options of ADSelfService Plus, administrators can now associate users in domains or OUs with specific policy settings. In other words, the administrators can decide what the users self-service portal would contain while configuring policies. The Policy Configuration wizard gives options to configure:

AD User Policy Configuration Wizard

Individual OUs can now be associated with specific policy configurations. Using the wizard, you can define Secret Question & Answer settings like the number of questions, the character length of answers, user defined questions,etc. Administrators can also grant permissions for users of specific OUs, to define their own secret questions.

Reset Password

Self Reset Password

As an administrator, you can configure the Reset Password management option for users - especially useful for users who have forgotten their passwords - in a domain. There are two ways by which the password can be reset. The Allow Self Reset Password option allows end-users to reset their password after answering secret questions/reproducing verification code. The Automatic Reset Password option can be enabled to automatically reset the passwords of domain users as and when they get expired, thereby reducing the helpdesk password reset tickets..
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Unlock Account

Self Unlock Account

Likewise, you can configure the Account Lockout options for users in the domain. Same as the Reset Password feature, there are two options to unlock user accounts viz, grant the self unlock account option or set an automatic account unlock. With the automatic account unlock, the ADSelfService Plus application checks for Locked out accounts on a routine basis and if this option is enabled then automatically unlocks the locked out user accounts.
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Self Update

Self Unlock Account

Active Directory Administrators can enable the Self Update option to allow AD users to self update certain information. The Active Directory Attributes that a  user can modify or update can also be configured using this option.
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Change Password

Sometimes it becomes essential to change passwords on a routine with an intention to enforce security. Users are generally notified via email to change their login passwords. This feature allows users to configure passwords that meet the complexity standards (displayed on the change password page). Administrators can enable this option under Policy Configuration of ADSelfService Plus to grant Change Password facility to users in specific OU of Active Directory Domains.
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Some other benefits of ADSelfService Plus - Self Service Reset Password Management

Other features

Self Reset Password

Free Active Directory users from attending lengthy help desk calls by letting them self-service the password reset task. Password reset just a click away with ADSelfService Plus!

Self Unlock Account

Free Active Directory users from lengthy help desk calls with ADSelfService Plus's self-account unlock option. Unlocking an account with ADSelfService Plus is child's play!

Self Directory Update

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information without the help desk assistance. Self-update feature also ensures that Active Directory database is up-to-date with the user profile changes.

Password Policy Enforcer

Ensure strong user passwords that resist various hacking threats with ADSelfService Plus by enforcing Active Directory users to adhere to compliant passwords via displaying password complexity requirements.

Automatic Password Reset/ Account Unlock

Free Active Directory users of 'remembering account/password expiry' issue with 'automatic password reset/account unlock' feature that automates password reset/account unlock task for users.

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