Desktop Central MSP 9


Remote Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software for MSPs

How To's

This section comprises documents that contain step-by-step instructions to complete specific tasks. Send us an e-mail message, with the required log files, if you have any unanswered questions.

  1. How to move the Desktop Central MSP server installation from one computer to another without losing any data?
  2. How to set the credentials for an administrator to run Desktop Central MSP in computers that have Microsoft Vista or Microsoft 2008 or Microsoft Windows 7 installed in them?
  3. How do I enable secure login (HTTPS)?
  4. How do I configure the Desktop Central MSP server and MySQL database to run in different computers?
  5. How do I change the Web Server port used by Desktop Central MSP?
  6. What are the ports used by the Desktop Central Application?
  7. How to uninstall Desktop Central MSP agents from Add/Remove Programs in the client computers?
  8. How to uninstall Desktop Central MSP agents from remote office computers manually?
  9. How to configure Desktop Central MSP to prompt a user before connecting to their desktop?
  10. How to use MST files while deploying MSI-based applications to client computers?
  11. How to schedule patch scanning?
  12. How to share and control a remote desktop?
  13. How to download patches manually and give these as an input while creating a configuration to install patches?
  14. How to automate the patch deployment process?
  15. How does the Automated Patch Deployment feature work?
  16. How to deploy Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010?
  17. How to deploy software that has multiple installable files in different directory structures?
  18. How do I install software that does not support silent installation?
  19. How to configure Desktop Central MSP to use third-party mail servers to send e-mail notifications?
  20. How to manage roaming users' computers using Desktop Central MSP?
  21. How to install iTunes using Desktop Central MSP?
  22. How to install QuickTime using Desktop Central MSP?
  23. How to install Lotus Notes Clients using Desktop Central MSP?
  24. How do I use Desktop Central MSP to create login details for a user to access the details of a specific customer?
  25. How do I install agents in computers in remote offices?
  26. How do I uninstall agents in computers in remote offices?
  27. How do I image a computer with Desktop Central Agent on it?
  28. How to install Desktop Central agents using Windows Start up script?