Go Green with Efficient Desktop Power Management Techniques

Desktop power management is a process that efficiently manages and optimizes the power consumption of computer hardware thereby saving money and energy. Enterprises running on hardware such a laptops, computers, printers and other peripherals need to switch off power when not in use or enable low power mode when inactive. Endpoint Central lets you apply Power Schemes, Turn Off Screen Savers, Shutdown Inactive Computers and cut your Energy Costs.

Key features of desktop power management


Apply Power Schemes

Define and apply appropriate power schemes to reduce power consumption during system idle

PC power management - ManageEngine Endpoint Central


Turn off Screen Saver

Screen savers consume up to 25% more power than the normal screens. Save power by turning off the screen saver

Power management tool - ManageEngine Endpoint Central


Shutdown Inactive Computers

Schedule shutdown of computers after off hours. This alone will let you save up to 76% of your energy cost.

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Power Management Reports

Get the system up time report to keep a check on your go green initiative



Power Calculator

Check for yourself the amount you can save by turning off the computers after office hours.

Data Sheet

Take an in-depth look at how Endpoint Central Power Management can help you save power.

What is power management?

Power management is an approach that entails a set of practices that help optimize a organization's net power consumption by its endpoint devices and peripherals like computers, laptops, servers etc. Some common practices include automatically shutting down inactive computers, applying power schemes, disabling screen savers etc. The end goal of desktop power management is to reduce costs and minimize the organization's digital carbon footprint.


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