Mobile Device Management

Desktop Central MDM simplifies the work of administrators by using a single console to manage desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. Desktop Central MDM can be used to deploy configuration settings, security commands and retrieve asset data over-the-air (OTA).

Supported Operating System

Android version 2.2 and above

iOS version 4.0 and above

Supported Devices

The current version supports managing the following devices;

What Management Operations you can Perform?

The current version will support Over-the-Air (OTA) device configuration tasks such as

  1. Enabling Passcode
  2. Imposing Restrictions
  3. Configuring Email
  4. Enabling Exchange ActiveSync
  5. Webclips
  6. VPN and Wifi Settings
  7. App Lock (iOS)
  8. HTTP GLobal Proxy (iOS)

Executing Security Commands like,

  1. Erasing the Device data
  2. Erasing Corporate Data
  3. Clearing the Passcode

Asset Information that include,

  1. Certificates Installed
  2. Profiles Installed
  3. Restriction Details
  4. Security Information
  5. Apps Inventory
  6. Device Information
  7. List Rooted Devices
  8. List Devices by Storage Encryption

App Management activities like,

  1. Blacklisting Apps
  2. White listing Apps
  3. Manage all the Apps Discovered in the network.

To know more about how to setup Desktop Central MDM refer the links mentioned below




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