Patch Management Software - Setting Up Configuring Vulnerability DB Synchronization


The vulnerability or the patch database is a baseline against which the available and missing patches in the machines are determined. The database is periodically refreshed with latest information and placed in the Central Patch Repository. You can specify the interval at which the local vulnerability database be updated with that of the Central Patch Repository. To configure the update interval, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Admin tab to invoke the Admin page.

  2. Click the Patch Management -Schedule Vulnerability Update Schedule Vulnerability Update link to invoke the Vulnerability Update page.

  3. The Enable Scheduler is selected by default. To disable scheduler, clear this option.

  4. The default update time is 06.00 hrs on weekdays. To modify, select the update interval from any of the following options:

    1. Daily - to update everyday. You need to specify the starting time and starting day.

    2. Weekly - to update on specific day(s) in a week. You need to specify the starting time and the day(s) on which the update should happen.

    3. Monthly - to update on a specific day every month(s). You need to specify starting time, select a day and select a month/months.

  5. If you wish a mail to be sent upon successful update, select the Notify when Task Finishes check box and provide the email address. You can specify multiple email addresses as comma separated values.

  6. Click Save Changes to save the configuration.

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