Inventory Email Alert Configuration Configure E-Mail Alerts

Desktop Central generates Email Alerts to notify the following events:

  1. When a new hardware is detected in the network
  2. When a new software is detected in the network
  3. Non Compliance of software licensing policy, i.e., the license is inadequate and have to purchase more licenses to be compliant
  4. When a software is being used after its license has expired.
  5. When a prohibited software is detected in the network.

To configure email alerts, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Inventory tab to view the Inventory Summary
  2. Click the Configure Email Alerts link from the left pane available under Actions / Settings.
  3. Select the alert criteria; select all that apply.
  4. Specify the email addresses as comma separated.
  5. Click Update Alert Settings

For email alerts to be sent, you should have configured your Mail server settings

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