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Which files can I delete from the folders in the Desktop Central Server to increase space?


Desktop Central requires a certain amount of space to function effectively. Ideally you should have atleast 5 GB of space in the disk in which you install the Desktop Central server. You should check the size of your folders periodically When the size exceeds the limit, you should delete unwanted files, as lack of space could affect the creation of logs and application of patches and service packs.

This document gives you information about which files you can delete.


You can delete the following to increase space in the disk in which the Desktop Central server is installed:

  1. Navigate to the Desktop Central server folder. For example, C:\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Server
  2. Delete the following files in the folders given below:
    Note: Ensure that you stop the Desktop Central server before deleting anything. It is recommended that you keep the last two backup files in each of the folders mentioned below.

    Folder path: DesktopCentral_Server>\bin\. Delete the following files:

    • Zipped log files: This comprises files that were sent to the support team. The name of the file is
    • Heap profiler (Hprof) files: Hprof files are created when the disk space is low. The name of the file has the extension .hprof. For example, java_pid9448.hprof.
    • Null folders: Folders with the name null

    Folder path: <DesktopCentral_Server>\PatchBackup\. Delete the following folders with names that include the following:

    • <BuildNumber-TimeStamp>. For example, <70137-Feb-22-2011-15-10>. These folders are created when desktopcentral server is upgraded.
    • Old build numbers

    Folder path: <DesktopCentral_Server>\mysql\temp. Delete all the files in this folder.

You will now have more space in the drive where the Desktop Central server is installed.

Note: You can also change the storage location to another driveshare to increase space in the disk in which the Desktop Central server is installed. Refer the below mentioned links for more information.
  1. To change the Patch Store location to another driveshare - (under modifying patch store location)
  2. To change the Software Repository location to another driveshare -
  3. To Change the Desktop Central Database Backup directory - follow the steps mentioned below.
    1. Click Admin Tab
    2. Select Database Backup under Tools
    3. Change the location to Backup the the data against Backup directory ( This directory can either be in the same computer or a shared directory of a different computer in the network. )