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Attribute and object-level backup and restoration of Azure Active Directory objects

Changes to Azure Active Directory (AD) happen frequently. While some changes involve the addition or deletion of entire objects, most Azure AD changes involve objects' attribute-level changes such as group membership modification, security permission changes, and more. An accidental change can occur at the attribute-level and the object-level, and can have severe consequences to the security of your Azure AD environment.

That is why Azure AD administrators need a tool that can undo even the smallest changes. RecoveryManager Plus is an Azure AD backup and restoration tool that backs up all changes made to Azure AD objects, stores them as separate versions, and allows you to restore entire objects or just specific attributes to any of their past states instantly.

Salient features of RecoveryManager Plus

Incremental backups: Back up each change made to Azure AD objects as a separate version, which will ensure you can restore objects to any of their previous versions.

Granular restoration: Restore a single attribute, a few attributes, or even the entire object to any of its previous values instantly.

Version history: View the comprehensive list of all the values any attribute has held over time, and select the version you wish to restore.

Periodic full backups: Make a full backup of your Azure AD environment at fixed intervals.

Backup retention: Define the number of full backups to be retained, and discard older full backups along with all subsequent incremental backups to save storage space.

Rollback: Roll back your entire Azure AD, a few groups, or even individual objects to a previous backup point, and undo all changes made to objects after that point in time.

Take control of your Azure AD and undo any unnecessary change instantly.

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