Active Directory Recovery Manager

Active Directory Backup and Recovery

Active Directory is a crucial part of any organization, regardless of its size. Downtime due to accidental deletion or modification of AD data cause businesses to lose not just revenue but the trust of their customers too. The scary truth is that downtimes due to accidental modification of data are not an uncommon occurrence. The severity of the disaster depends on the volume and the type of data deleted or modified. To reduce the downtime due to accidental deletion of AD objects, you need to swiftly restore the modified or deleted data.

The native Active Directory Backup and Recovery utility from AD endeavors to accomplish this, but falls short of accomplishing it due to its clunky user interface and lack of control over attribute level changes. This emphasizes the need for an AD Backup and Restoration tool that is both user friendly and competent in restoring all AD objects like Users, Computers, Groups, Containers, OUs, DNS data and GPOs.

RecoveryManager Plus is one such web-based Active Directory Backup and Restoration solution that enables you to back up your entire AD data and recover deleted objects. Additionally, it offers you the flexibility to restore only specific type of objects or even just specific attributes of desired objetcs.

What Can RecoveryManager Plus Do?

Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can backup and restore critical AD data such as:

Key features of RecoveryManager Plus

Accidental deletion of users from the AD network prevents users from logging on, disrupting identity and access management. With native tools, backup and restore operations of Active Directory can turn out to be a tedious task resulting in hours of downtimes. On the contrary, RecoveryManager Plus simplifies the process of backing up AD and ensures complete system availability almost instantaneously. Administrators can now have complete control over their AD environment and can direct their efforts in keeping AD consistent, accessible and operational.

A single pane of glass for complete Active Directory Backup and Recovery Management