Active Directory Recovery Manager

Active Directory Backup and Recovery

Active Directory is a crucial part of any organization, regardless of its size. Downtime due to accidental deletion or modification of AD data causes businesses to lose not just revenue but the trust of their customers, too. The truth is that such downtime is not uncommon. The severity of the disaster depends on the volume and the type of data deleted or modified. To reduce the downtime due to accidental deletion of AD objects, you need to swiftly restore the modified or deleted data.

The native Active Directory Backup and Recovery utility from AD fails to deliver rapid restorations due to its clunky user interface and lack of control over attribute-level changes. This emphasizes the need for an AD backup and restoration tool that is user friendly and able to restore all AD objects, including users, computers, groups, containers, OUs, DNS data, and GPOs.

RecoveryManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory backup and restoration solution that enables you to back up all your AD data and recover deleted objects. Additionally, it offers you the flexibility to restore only specific type of objects or just specific attributes of desired objects.

What Can RecoveryManager Plus Do?

Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can backup and restore critical AD data such as:

Key Features of RecoveryManager Plus:

Compare editions

Features Free Edition Standard Edition
Objects Supported User  tick tick
Groups  tick tick
GPO  tick tick
OU/Container  tick tick
Computer  tick tick
Contact tick tick
DNS  tick tick
Group Membership  tick tick
Exchange  Attributes tick tick
Changes backed up ONLY Deleted objects ALL object's changes
Backup Scheduler Weekly backup Hourly, daily or weekly backup based on requirement
Restoration capabilities ONLY deleted objects ALL attribute changes made to objects
Bulk object restoration Cancel tick
Perform instant backups Cancel tick
AD rollback Cancel tick
Multiple domain support Cancel tick
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