Leverage the power of advanced predictive algorithms to foresee network trends

An organization's network is its backbone and drives its operations. However, the business-critical and evolving capabilities of the network can introduce complicated management challenges which are dependent on efficient monitoring. Network monitoring is vital for tracking performance, avoiding and reducing downtimes, and enhancing the efficiencies of devices. But tackling the complexities involved in network monitoring is easier said than done.

This is where modern technologies help. By harnessing the power of AIOps and advanced predictive algorithms, ManageEngine OpManager enables network admins to forecast the trends of a device or a network, and stay ahead of networking issues since it assists with capacity planning. With AI-powered features, like Forecasting Performance Trends and Adaptive Thresholds, OpManager is moving towards an AI-driven network monitoring architecture that ensures fewer errors.

How can Forecasting Performance Trends help network admins?

  • Helps network admins with capacity planning.
  • Helps network admins foresee potential network outages.
  • Helps network admins optimize CapEx and OpEx costs since they know beforehand what they are dealing with.
  • Helps network admins act proactively as opposed to reactive efforts.
  • Helps network admins gain a better understanding of their infrastructure.
  • Helps organizations set realistic business goals while keeping up with their network demands.

Forecasting Performance Trends: Foreseeing the future

OpManager's Forecasting Performance Trends feature uses advanced predictive algorithms and modern technologies such as AI and ML to foresee the future trends of a device or an interface. Using the Forecasting Performance Trends feature, network admins can effectively foresee these future performance trends to help them take necessary measures to stay on par with the network's ever-changing demands.

How does the Forecasting Performance Trends feature work?

OpManager's Forecasting Performance Tends feature uses advanced predictive algorithms to forecast highly reliable values based on the devices' or interfaces' historical statistics. The forecasting takes into account the devices' or interfaces' previous data, usage patterns and current trends to come up with a data model that accurately predicts future trends. This helps network admins stay updated with their network's ever-changing demands.

OpManager's Forecasting Performance Trends feature finds its application with dynamic thresholds too. Network admins no longer need to analyze mountains of historical data to decide on a nominal value to serve as a performance baseline for a device or interface. With Forecasting Performance Trends feature, OpManager automatically factors in the usage patterns and various other parameters to forecast future trends.

For instance, consider an e-commerce website that provides special discounts on different festive occasions. When the incoming traffic to the site increases, there are higher chances the site will go down due to an overwhelming amount of traffic. However, with OpManager's Forecasting Performance Trends capabilities, network admins can predict trends for the upcoming days, so they can increase or decrease the traffic bandwidth. Network admins can also reroute traffic to help them with resource allocation and utilization. OpManager enables network admins to not only evade from network downtimes, but also ensure the optimum functioning of the network.

Forecasting Performance Trends ManageEngine OpManager

Currently, OpManager allows network admins to predict the data across a 14-day window for all performance monitors and interfaces. Network admins can also visualize the data as reports utilizing OpManager so that it can be converted into actionable insights.

OpManager's next-gen network monitoring capabilities

The IT world is increasingly leaning towards AI and ML. As enterprise networks become more sophisticated, monitoring strategies and techniques should too. To combat continual complexities, OpManager uses powerful, modern technologies to circumvent network monitoring bottlenecks. From Adaptive Thresholds to Forecasting Performance Trends, we got it covered.

Download ManageEngine OpManager to experience these powerful functionalities hands-on. Or, learn more about how OpManager helps you proactively avoid network downtimes.

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