FTP Monitoring 

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files between a server and client in a TCP/IP network. It is a standard protocol and is widely used to store and distribute data from a centralized location among organizations in various verticals. Some of the other secure versions of the FTP protocol are as follows:

SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): It encrypts the transmitted commands and data using SSH (Secure Shell Protocol).

File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS or FTP/SSL): It is an extension of FTP that adds TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure FTP services.

Intuitive FTP, FTPS or SFTP monitoring for enterprises

ManageEngine OpManager is a robust FTP monitoring software that helps enterprises and other organizations to ensure smooth delivery of FTP, SFTP or FTPS services. It helps improve server and service availability with faster detection and troubleshooting of network outages.

Looking for an adept FTP network monitor? Here's why ManageEngine OpManager should be the FTP monitoring software of your choice.

i) Gain complete visibility and ensure 24x7 availability of your FTP services
ii) Get instant alerts and notifications on FTP service issues.
iii) Track the health and availability of your FTP servers.
iv) Manage and forecast resource utilization on FTP servers.
v) Track modifications to files and folders in servers.
vi) Simplify and automate troubleshooting for FTP services using workflows

Gain complete visibility and ensure 24x7 availability of FTP services

Monitor FTP services to ensure availability and responsiveness with complete availability timeline and statistics, service response time graphs, instant or scheduled reports and downtime/ outage history.

Monitor FTP Traffic - ManageEngine OpManager

Looking to gain application-level visibility into your FTP services?

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Get instant alerts and notifications on FTP service issues

Use multi-level thresholds to track FTP service performance, monitor FTP traffic, FTP hits, latency, file read/write operations, file read/write bytes, and more with instant alerts via SMS, email, etc. FTP monitoring is simplified with pre-configured threshold parameters as they provide alerts on violation at the initial stages of a network or service delivery issue. This enables faster resolution of network, server or service issues before it causes an outage.

SFTP Monitoring -  ManageEngine OpManager

Track and monitor FTP server for health and availability

It is critical to track the health and availability of your physical or virtual servers to ensure an uninterrupted FTP service delivery. This provides insight into the CPU, memory, disk utilization and other important metrics that could indicate potential network problems or service issues.

FTP Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager

Manage and forecast resource utilization on FTP servers

FTP server monitoring in OpManager allows you to leverage machine learning (ML) based forecasting to plan capacity additions based on CPU, memory and disk utilization trends. This helps avoid server capacity issues that interrupt FTP service delivery or cause latency due to throttling or over-utilization.

FTP Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

Track modifications to files and folders in servers

Monitor files and folders in your servers to track changes such as file and folder additions or removals, increase or decrease in the size, the age of a file or folder and its contents. This helps to keep track of shared files and folder repositories accessed via FTP services.

FTP Server Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Simplify and automate troubleshooting for FTP services using workflows

The IT workflow automation feature provides quick identification and issue remediation based on workflows triggered by alarms or based on a preset schedule. It allows you to automatically start, stop, pause, resume and test services with dedicated predefined workflows to check the URL, FTP delete/ move/ rename/ upload files and to check HTTP post data/results.

FTP Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring solution with in-built functionalities to ensure peak network and server performance in addition to FTP monitoring. If you are interested, do get a price quote tailor made to your monitoring requirements.

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What is FTP monitoring?

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