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Eight cities affected by the Click2Gov data breach.

On September 20, 2019, Click2Gov, a US-based payment portal, was affected by a data breach once again. In 2017 and 2018, malicious actors carried out similar attacks on the portal, which compromised the data of 300,000 credit cards. In the new wave of attacks, around 20,000 credit cards have been compromised.

What happened.

The attacks began in August 2019, with eight cities in five different states affected. Out of these eight cities, six of them were affected in the previous breach, despite claiming that they had fixed the vulnerabilities in their portal right after the initial wave of attacks. The affected cities include Deerfield Beach, Palm Bay, Milton, and Coral Springs in Florida; Bakersfield in California; Pocatello in Idaho; Broken rrow in Oklahoma; and Ames in Iowa. Deerfield Beach, Palm Bay, Milton, Coral Springs, Ames, and Bakersfield were the cities affected in the previous breach. 

CentralSquare Technologies, the company that owns Click2Gov, said it received reports that some credit card data was accessed by the attackers. Upon learning about the incident, CentralSquare Technologies immediately launched an extensive forensic analysis and is in the process of updating its systems.

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