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Integrate ADManager Plus with ServiceNow

When you're an IT admin, Active Directory (AD) and IT service management go hand-in-hand. You're in ADManager Plus day in and day out managing and reporting on AD, Exchange, Office 365, and more and you spend a good chunk of your day responding to requests in ServiceNow. But wouldn't it be nice if you could manage your AD users right from your service desk? Imagine how much time you would save!

With that in mind, we've now integrated ADManager Plus with ServiceNow. You can now manage AD users from your service desk to truly bring your IT together.

Seamless AD management

Carry out AD management activities while handling IT issues. End users can create requests for any of the available AD management activities under the Service Catalog. Technicians can view their requests under the Incidents tab and perform the required AD management tasks through the form context menu.

Integrating with ServiceNow is easy. Just enter your ADManager Plus account's server settings and credentials into ServiceNow.

AD user management through ServiceNow

ADManager Plus' integration with ServiceNow allows help desk technicians to perform user management tasks effortlessly. Your help desk team can now:

  • Provision AD, Exchange, Office 365, Google Workspace, and Skype for Business accounts simultaneously using ADManager Plus' user creation templates.
  • De-provision or delete user accounts.
  • Enable, disable, or unlock user accounts.
  • Reset AD users' passwords.
  • Alter group membership details by adding or removing user accounts from groups.

Whenever an AD management request comes into your help desk, technicians can review the request and quickly perform any required tasks. This integration ensures that they won't have to copy values between ServiceNow and ADManager Plus. Utilize this unified console to make your help desk technicians even more efficient and well-rounded.

How to integrate with ServiceNow using the ADManager Plus app

Follow the steps below to configure the ADManager Plus app:

  1. Download and install ADManager Plus
  2. Configure ADManager Plus in ServiceNow

Download and install ADManager Plus

  1. Download ADManager Plus (32-bit or 64-bit).
  2. Install ADManager Plus. If you have already installed ADManager Plus, upgrade to the latest build.
  3. If you have any questions about deployment, read our guide on various deployment scenarios.

Configure ADManager Plus in ServiceNow

  1. Download the ADManager Plus app from the ServiceNow store.
  2. From the ServiceNow console, go to Application, then select the downloaded app and click Install.
  3. In the search box on the left-hand side of the page, type "ADManager Plus." You will be able to view ADManager Plus' different modules.
  4. Select Setup and go through the wizard to configure it as per your requirements.
  5. If you have already downloaded ADManager Plus, click Next.
  6. Enter your ADManager Plus server name and port number, as well as your ServiceNow MID server URL.
  7. Note: The MID Server ensures communication between ServiceNow and ADManager Plus when ADManager Plus is hosted on a private network. If your instance of ADManager Plus is accessible via a public IP, you don't need to specify a MID server URL.
  8. Enter your ADManager Plus administrator's credentials to complete the integration.

Configure ServiceNow in ADManager Plus

  1. Click the Admin tab in ADManager Plus.
  2. Select Integrations.
  3. Click ServiceNow under Third-party Integrations.
  4. In the ServiceNow URL field, enter the URL where your ServiceNow instance is hosted.
  5. Click Test Connection and Save to establish a connection and save your settings.

You have now successfully integrated the ADManager Plus app with ServiceNow.

ADManager Plus is a web-based solution for all your AD, Exchange, and Office 365 management needs. It simplifies several routine tasks such as provisioning users, cleaning up dormant accounts, managing NTFS and share permissions, and more. ADManager Plus also offers more than 150 pre-packaged reports, including reports on inactive or locked-out AD user accounts, Office 365 licenses, and users' real last logon times. Perform management actions right from the reports. Build a custom workflow structure that will assist you in ticketing and compliance and automate routine AD tasks such as user provisioning and de-provisioning, and more. Download a free trial today to explore all these features.

Empower your help desk with ServiceNow-ADManager Plus integration.

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Other features

Active Directory Group Management

Manage your Active Directory Security Groups. Create, Delete and Modify Groups...all in a few clicks. Configure Exchange attributes of AD Groups and effect bulk group changes to your AD security groups.

Terminal Services management

Configure Active Directory Terminal Services attributes from a much simpler interface than AD native tools. Exercise complete control over technicians accessing other domain users' computers.

Active Directory Compliance Reports

Active Directory reports to assist you for compliance to Government Regulatory Acts like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, USA PATRIOT...and much more! Make your organization compliance-perfect!

Active Directory Delegation

Unload some of your workload without losing your hold. Secure & non-invasive helpdesk delegation and management from ADManager Plus! Delegate powers for technician on specific tasks in specific OUs.

Active Directory Cleanup

Get rid of the inactive, obsolete and unwanted objects in your Active Directory to make it more secure and efficient...assisted by ADManager Plus's AD Cleanup capabilities.

Active Directory Automation

A complete automation of AD critical tasks such as user provisioning, inactive-user clean up etc. Also lets you sequence and execute follow-up tasks and blends with workflow to offer a brilliant controlled-automation.

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