Desktop Central Console Blank in SDP


When the Desktop Central console is accessed from the SDP portal, a blank page is displayed.


It could due to one or more of the following issues:

Integration related issues:

Network and security related issues:

Permission related issues:


  1. Integration related issues:

    • SDP-DC integration is not done from both sides:

      The integration needs to be done from both SDP console and Desktop Central Console. Check this document for integration steps.
    • Mismatch in Protocol:

      Ensure that both use the same protocol http/https.
      To change protocol in DC, navigate to: Admin-->Integrations-->ServiceDesk Plus Settings-->Modify
      To change protocol in SDP, navigate to: Admin-->Integrations-->Desktop Central. 
  2. Network and security related issues:

    • Firewall blocking the requisite ports:

      Configure the firewall settings in the devices to ensure that required http/https port is open for the servers to communicate freely.
    • Invalid/Missing/Expired Third Party Certificates:

      If https protocol is used for integration, third party certificate should be imported in SDP and DC. 
    • Browser exception not configured-Self Signed Certificates:

      Self signed certificates can be used for rendering the Desktop Central Console, but browser exception should be added in every browser the console is accessed from.
    • Security response header:

      If X-Frame-Options are enable in SDP from: Admin-->General Settings-->Security Settings-->Advanced-->Add Security Response Headers, then the response must not be "sameorigin" or "deny". 

  3. Permission related issues:

    • Permission not granted to technicians:

      Ensure that the “Enable to access Desktop and MDM Plugin Functionality” checkbox is enabled in SDP in: Admin-->Technicians-->Edit Technician. A user is created in DC automatically with the same credentials as that of the SDP technician when this checkbox is enabled.  

Applies to: Asset Integration, Software Deployment Integration, ServiceDesk Plus Integration

Keywords: Asset Integration, ServiceDesk Plus Integration, HelpDesk, ServiceDesk Plus, ManageEngine, Software Deployment, DC SDP Integration