How to deploy Adobe Creative Suite 6 to computers running Mac operating system?


This document will explain you the steps involved in deploying Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS 6)to computers running Mac operating system.


Follow the steps mentioned below to deploy Adobe CS 6:

  1. Customize the Installable
  2. Create a Package
  3. Deploy it to target computers

Customize the Installable

Follow the steps mentioned below to customize the Adobe CS 6:

  1. Download the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.1 from your Mac computer and
    save the ApplicationManagerEnterprise_3_1_all.dmg file in your desired location.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and select "Install", Adobe manager will be updated automatically
  3. Go to /Applications/Adobe and open Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition
  4. Specify the Package Type as Installation / Trial / Serialization. ( If you want to know more about package types, refer to the Adobe document here:
    - page # 11)
  5. Under Locate the Product Installation Folder, specify the location of the installable
    (For example: If you have copied the contents of Adobe CS 6 from the CD, then locate the installable
    as mentioned here: /Volumes/CS6 DesWebPrm/Adobe CS6 Design)
  6. Enter a Name for the Package and save it to any desired location and click Next
  7. Enter the Serial Number if required
  8. Sign in, into your Company's Adobe account or create a new one
  9. Specify the installation options and click Next
  10. Choose the preferred Configurations and click Next
  11. You can see that the customized installable will be generated in .pkg format and saved in the location
    specified above (mentioned in step 6). You can compress this file in .zip format. Installable is now customized and ready to be added to the package.

Create a Package

  1. Click Software Deployment tab on Endpoint Central console
  2. Under Software Config select Package and click Add Package to choose Mac
  3. Enter the name for the package
  4. Click Installation tab
  5. Click Add Files to upload the installable (.zip format) which you have saved after customization.
  6. Click Add Package to complete package creation

A software package is created and ready to be deployed to the target computers.

Deploy to target computers

  1. Select the package that you added
  2. Click Install/Uninstall Software
  3. Enter a name and description for the configuration
  4. Define the package settings
  5. Configure the deployment settings
  6. Choose the target computers
  7. Specify the schedule options, if required
  8. Click Deploy

You have deployed Adobe CS 6 to the target computers.