Integrating with Zendesk

What are the benefits of integrating Endpoint Central with Zendesk?

Endpoint Central provides a unified management and security solution that helps to manage and secure endpoints from a central location. Zendesk, on the other hand, is a customer service solution designed to cater the multifaceted sides of businesses in today's world. The Zendesk - Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) integration yields a plethora of enterprise IT management features that aims to save time and boost productivity of IT Support engineers.

How to integrate Endpoint Central with Zendesk?

To integrate using Endpoint Central's app, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Zendesk App
  • Click the Settings option and navigate to Admin Center

  • Click on Apps and Integrations option
  • Click on Marketplace option  and select Endpoint Central and install it
  • Click "Configure Endpoint Central Server" and enter the URL of your Endpoint Central server.
  • Specify the Endpoint Central administrator credentials to secure this integration.

You have successfully integrated Endpoint Central with Zendesk.

User Mapping

User Mapping lets you associate users of Zendesk with Endpoint Central while configuring Endpoint Central in Zendesk. By associating your Zendesk users with Endpoint Central users, you are empowering your Zendesk users with the finest endpoint management and security solution. Users will be able to exercise Endpoint Central's capabilities from the ticket window of Zendesk and it is mandatory to associate at least one Zendesk user with a Endpoint Central user.

Note: Currently, Zendesk integration is only supported for Endpoint Central On-Premise version.

Resources to aid the integration: