Applying Quick Fix

A quick fix is a QPPM (Quick PPM) file that is designed to patch small but important changes. They are applied faster than service pack releases. It is an effective way of quickly patching vulnerabilities when a normal upgrade is not feasible at the moment.

In this article:

How to install the quick fix?

How to verify if quick fix is applied?


How to install the quick fix?

If you do not use Failover Server:

  1. Download the QPM file.
  2. Copy the QPM file to the directory "<installed_location>/quickfixer/qppm".
  3. Restart the Endpoint Central Server.

If you use Failover Server:

  1. Stop the Endpoint Central service in the secondary server (Only the service and not the machine itself).
  2. Once the secondary server is stopped, execute the SecondaryServerPPMHandler.bat which can be found in <Server Installed Directory>/bin of secondary server.
  3. Download the QPM file.
  4. Copy the QPM file to the directory "<installed_location>/quickfixer/qppm" located in the primary server.
  5. Start the Endpoint Central Server after applying the fix..
  6. Once the Central Server is live and running start your Failover Server.

Points to Note:

  • In the secondary server, it is important to stop the Endpoint Central service but keep the machine on before you download the QPM file.
  • While applying the quick fix in the primary server, the secondary server's machine should be on and reachable for the changes to be replicated in the secondary server as well.
  • If there is network latency between primary and secondary server, the server startup after the QPPM restart may take longer than usual.

How to verify if quick fix is applied?

  1. After the server fully restarts, log into the Endpoint Central console and navigate to 'Support' tab.
  2. If the fix is successfully applied, you will see the quick fix displayed under the 'Upgrade Details' tab.
  3. If the fix installation has failed, a failure alert will be displayed there.


1. Why should I install QPM instead of PPM?

Answer: QPM patching is quick and easier as opposed to a PPM update. QPM can be used when a PPM upgrade is not feasible and only a small but urgent change needs to be done. QPM doesn't even require UpdateManager window, but only a simple server restart to apply the fix.

2. Can I use this quick fix even if it is not applicable to my build?

Answer: A quick fix is exclusively generated for a specific build. If you are not in that build, it will not work for you. As per normal, you need to upgrade to the latest build using PPM only.